The Only Gay Apprentice?

By | April 11, 2008

Daffyd Thomas, Little Britain
I haven’t watched any of the previous apprentice series but have made a determined effort to watch this one after listening to weeks of chat at work about it and not being able to join in last time.

It painted Sir Alan Sugar in a new light for me. I never envisaged that, despite his obvious tenacity and knowledge, he could be such a fair and considered person. He is likeable and a person who commands respect through his actions and attitude.

I wish the same could be said of the shower they have on the show. Lol

There is one observation I would like to share with you and see if you feel the same way. Do you think that Kevin Shaw looks like a young Daffyd from the fast show?

Here is his publicity shot.

Kevin Shaw, The Apprentice

Now check it out against Matt Lucas who plays Daffyd in Little Britain at the top left corner. What do you think?

Please note I am not making any assumptions about Mr Shaw’s sexuality, just his perceived likeness to Matt Lucas. 🙂

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