Supernatural Part 1

By | November 17, 2010

Devil knocker!The wheel of the year returns to its beginning, if it has a beginning, and I am looking forward to new challenges. Real life has taken a slight turn for the better and I feel more confident in pretty much all aspects of my existence. So it got me thinking …

The old year had ended with half understood neo-pagan reveries on Halloween. A new year beckoned to the wise, while those who count their time by the clocks in Rome still look forward to the end of their annum.

Six more days …

His dark grey suit was a garment he carried around rather than wore. Its silky ochre lining a flamboyant touch of colour that the austere office environment could not suppress. But the fabric constrained him and was counter to his nature. But to everyone who met him he was a career man, what the Japanese would call a salary man. Arriving five minutes early every morning, never sick, always at his desk when the last of his colleagues had made their gleeful way to the lifts. Dependable, unremarkable, dull.

He chuckled to himself at the thought. Dull, that’s what they all thought of him, that’s why he’d never be fired from his tedious but well-paid job “with excellent bens”. It’s the quiet ones you have to watch, never a truer word spoken. He was about to call it a night when the silence of the office was broken as, from the far corner, he heard the sound of someone knocking over a plastic cup of water. Well not so much the sound of the cup, just the reaction.

“Oh, FUCK!”

It was her voice. Had she stayed behind on purpose? He’d noticed the new member of staff that morning. Crisp blouse, sharp business suite, flat shoes, nylon clad legs, stockings he hoped. There was something about her, but he’d learned to be careful, not to jump in too quickly, his eagerness had almost given him away on more than one occasion. Swift changes of tack and a keen mind made even more agile by the rush of adrenalin as he’d realised his mistake had saved him.

But she was here thirty minutes after the working day officially finished, and temps didn’t do that. He closed the clips on his Samsonite briefcase and walked towards her desk.

“Are you OK?”

“Yes fine. Thank you”, brown eyes smiled at him from under a mousy fringe. She continued to blot the small puddle on her desk with tissues.

“Looking to make an impression on your first day?” he realised that sounded dismissive, “I mean there’s only me to notice and I’m nobody.” He floundered his normally level voice a little tremulous, though he couldn’t work out why.

“No I just lost track of time.”

“The work’s not that interesting.”

“I’ve had worse.” She said, throwing the last soggy clump of paper into the waste bin. “I think I will be going.”

They waited for the lift together. He stood slightly behind her, surreptitiously examining the curve of her calves, the soft roundness of her buttocks and the contours of her neck. Delicious.

They entered, the doors closed and he punched the “G” button. The metal and glass box descended, illuminated by the rich glow from the setting sun. He stood a discreet distance behind her, feeling the need to say something, but not wanting it to sound contrived.

“How long is your contract?”

“A week.” Perfect he thought, exquisite timing. The weight of his stare traversed her body, simultaneously regarding her hourglass frame and caressing it. She felt it, her skin prickling as his eyes drank in her curvaceous beauty. She knew it could not be him touching her, he stood too far away, but knew that ephemeral fingers were exploring her from her ankles to the nape of her neck. She tried not to show a reaction, what would he think of her. She contorted as an appreciative moan rose in her chest try to prevent its escape. Almost succeeding.

The lift reached the ground floor and the sound of the door mechanism masked the sigh that finally escaped her lips.

A little confused and more than a little turned on she wished him goodbye and headed for her bus.

He smiled. She was the one. Walking to the tube station he absently ran his fingers through his hair and over the two horny mounds that were swelling beneath the skin. They reminded him of how soon he must complete his task.

To be continued …