Horny And The Married Man

By | April 11, 2008

Horny was out with her girlfriends last weekend frequenting the local wine bars and eventually moving on to a club. I’ve heard she is great fun to go out with and although she is older than me I think she would probably run circles round me.

If she spots a guy she fancies she gives them her business card which has her mobile number on it. I have often joked about her doing this and that every guy in the local vicinity will end up having one.

The problem being that when she has had a few drinks she gives them out to anyone and often can’t even remember doing it.

Last weekend whilst she was out she danced and chatted with a guy and as usual gave him her card to call him. I know it sounds a strange practice but I suppose it disposes with the need to find some paper and a pen if you have someone interested in calling you up. đŸ˜‰

She went home, slept like a log and was woken early the following morning by a call on her mobile. She answered and there was a girl on the other end asking what she was doing giving her card to her boyfriend. Lol

Horny tried to explain that nothing happened and the she usually gives her card to guys she talks to. That she had found her card inside the pocket of her bf’s trousers. Insisting that all they did was have a chat and a few dances. Well, the girl was insistent that her bf didn’t know anything about it and that they were very happy. Also that they trust each other and he is aware that she checks his pockets!

Now hold on a moment…something about that statement sets the alarm bells ringing and suggests the opposite. Maybe he makes a habit of going out and chatting to other girls. After all it’s not usual practice to rifle through your bf’s pocket when he has been out for the night. Or is it?

Very strange.

The on Monday morning whilst at work horny received a text message from her saying that they were very happy together and why did she find it necessary to give out her card was she just showing off. We laughed about it but I thing Horny was wondering just what she had gotten herself into.

She could be a bit of a bunny boiler and we were half expecting her to turn up at work but she didn’t. Lets hope that is the last she hears from her but I’m not sure.

Tags: jealousy, paranoia, infidelity