Fetish Porn Movies

By | April 12, 2008

There was a time when it was acceptable to produce porn movies where boy met girl, boy chatted briefly to girl, girl’s clothes miraculously fell off and boy fucked girl. Ah, those innocent days LOL.

Like the grainy sixteenth generation VHS copies of those original movies the simple premise of a straightforward porn shoot has disappeared. OK, so there are studios that still produce the same in-out, in-out as Anthony Burgess’s Alex DeLarge would say, but they are a dying breed, even if they don’t recognise it themselves yet. The old style of porn now looks as queer as a clockwork orange and the new wave is most definitely welcome.

The problem with the “just get down to it and fuck” style movies is that they lack the essential elements of eroticism, story, unusual scenarios, fetish or the feeling that you’re watching something you shouldn’t. In-out porn is so bland that it’s like staring at a magnolia painted wall. Eventually you get bored. Porn doesn’t have to have a story, it doesn’t have to have all of the elements mentioned above but it has to have elements of one or more of them to avoid being pedestrian and uninteresting.

Just my two-penneth for all it’s worth.

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