Clerical Sexual Disgrace

By | November 21, 2010

Father JackIt never fails to amaze me just how many people out there have nothing better to do than sit on their wizened asses and complain about anything.  What a miserable existence, one which thrives on complaint and ill feeling.

Ok, rant over.

As you may have already sensed over the years of reading us, I’m not a religious person and don’t normally get myself wrapped up their rants.

In this instance I was annoyed to read that a reverend had become embroiled in some kind of ecclesiastical witch hunt for trying to have fun raising money for charity.

You may say how uncharitable are these people…

The reverend Martin Wray was invited to attend the charity Vicars and Tarts party and elected to go as a tart.  Well, that was his downfall because it enraged his flock when he opted to attend as a tart.

They complained about his attendance and completely bowled me over.  What the fuck!  He was getting in to the spirit of things you miserable people.

You can read the full story here.