Convenient Fuck Buddies

By | November 20, 2010

baw BackIt was almost two in the morning and the supermarket was empty of customers. The doors were open but the customers had either just gone to bed or were yet to get up. The dozen staff on duty were stacking shelves in the almost silent aisles illuminated by bright fluorescent lighting that created a shadow-less surreal artificial day.

I looked at my watch, two minutes to two. Casually I put down my knife on the top of the boxes waiting to be unpacked and walked to the back of the store, through the door marked “Staff Only” and into the bare-brick walled corridors that the customers never see.

I fed the coffee machine with coins then pressed the button for White, no sugar. Then another, black with sugar. Hot beverages in hand I climbed the stairs to her office and entered without knocking. I placed the plastic cup on her desk and sat in the chair, waiting for her to finish. She kept me waiting, obviously savouring the tease.

“That was a little presumptuous.” She said, looking at me over the top of her glasses.


“You didn’t knock.”

“Oh, I thought you were expecting me.”

“I knew you’d cum, if that’s what you mean.” She emphasised the “cum”, smiling at me over her keyboard.

She walked across to the door and locked it.

“Stand up. I haven’t got much time.” She said with a sigh.

“Oh.” I said. “I thought we had a couple of hours.”

“Not tonight.”

I stood and wondered what she would do next. Normally we’d spend a little time on foreplay before getting down to it on her desk but today was different.

“I’d love to have you fuck me with that gorgeous cock of yours but you’ll have to make do with this.” She unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock, awkwardly because I was already hardening in anticipation of the fuck that was not to be.

She dropped to her knees and like a scene from a porn film I was sucked straight into her mouth. I looked down, her hair was tied back, yellow T shirt tight over her full tits and a pair of comfortable but tight jeans. She was ravenous, sucking hard and pushing too so my cock made her gag.

This was unexpected but despite it being most men’s dream to have a gorgeous brunette slurping on their cock I felt the need for more. She was already chocking on my hard member and although the thought of cumming in her mouth as I had at the Christmas party was appealing I felt like I needed more, something more satisfying and there’s nothing more satisfying than a good fuck.

I took a handful of hair and pulled her head away from me. Strings of saliva dripped from the tip of my cock and her mouth, no doubt mixed with precum. I coaxed her to her feet.

“We don’t have time …” she objected.

“Oh, we have time for this and you know you want it.”

Only the slightest shove persuaded her towards the desk and without further encouragement she unfastened her jeans. I pulled her trousers and panties down to her knees and she leant over the desk. The angle was low but that served to direct my cock into her at a steep angle, colliding with her G spot. With her legs held together by her jeans she was tighter than usual, pressing hard against the sides of my cock. Her wet lips and pubic hair gave the sweetest of resistance and felt exquisite as I pushed myself in and drew myself out of her.

Her head was to one side, with closed eyes and open mouth she was already enjoying the ride. I didn’t know if she’d cum but I knew she wanted to get back to work so I fucked her to a rhythm that I knew suited us both, the slight sway to my hips massaging her pussy just the way she liked it. The unexpectedness of the penetration and my knowledge of her body were enough and before I had chance to feel guilt about cumming before her she was moaning my name and telling me she was “fucking cumming”.

I began to twitch, the shuddering, pulsing sensation in my groin exploded into a long orgasm that started hard and hot as chilli and ended warm as chocolate dripping from my cock. White chocolate of course.

I slid out from her and sat on the chair again. I stared at her pussy, folds of pouty flesh covered in her glistening juices. Her breathing slowed before she stirred. When she did she turned to face me, the triangle of neatly trimmed hair drawing my attention. “Did you enjoy that?” I asked, talking to her but addressing her pussy.

“Yes. But I’d like to finish what I started.”

Without pulling up her jeans she dropped to her knees between my legs and began to lick my cock. Our mingled juices were to her liking because she spent several minutes licking my balls and shaft, finally sucking my sensitive glans into her mouth and wiping it clean with my tongue.

Our parting kiss was suffused with the taste of both of us.