Natural And Deviant Naked Bodies

By | November 22, 2010

TamperingTess Daley was photographed for La Senza last year in some very provocative underwear and although she is indeed a very tall lady, her image had been stretched. When you looked at it her body was as long or longer than her legs. It looked ridiculous and the paper was having a field day pointing out that real people could never look this way because it is physically impossible.

They also ran an article on a pair of fashionable jeans where the model had been reduced by half her natural size. It could be proven because they also published the original image next to it. Are we really so gullible as to believe that models skins are flawless and even pore less and that there skins have a natural golden glow.

Well the modelling world has always been that way and may never change but you don’t expect it to be the same with porn…or do you?

Check out the image above carefully and see if you can find the bad Photoshopping.

Did you see it? Check out the space between the girls legs. The image has been clearly cut away to make her pudenda more prominent. You can tell because they have and rather badly, cloned the golden stripe between her legs and it isn’t in sequence with the others on the back. Lol

So nobody is safe from the perfect world we know as Photoshop.