Sensitive Hard Nipples

By | April 13, 2008

At work on Friday the girls were having a chat about naughty things as usual for a Friday afternoon now. I seem to have started off something we all enjoy and that is a little dirty talk on the last day of the week to chill out. 😉

I was talking about watching A Girls Guide To… and Busty soon joined in, she had seen the same episode. Horny just sat looking slightly bemused, I don’t think she could keep up with us. Lol We both started to mention the wonderful camera work in the program, especially the internal views of the woman being entered by the male.

If you haven’t seen this series you ought to watch It’s very well made, educational and provides some naughty viewing as it comes under the umbrella of being educational they can get away with some quite hard stuff.

I’m not sure how the conversation drifted from cocks to nipples but it did. Busty told us that she had woken up last Saturday with the urge to clean the bathroom. She had got to work on it still wearing her pyjamas. Oh, it just came to me how we got on the subject of nipples, we were talking about the London Marathon this Sunday and the injuries sustained such as joggers nipple…anyway I digress.

She said she gave it a good going over. The bathroom that is. Lol and when she sat down with a cup of coffee afterwards she realised that as she had been braless her nipples had chafed upon the fabric of her pyjamas and were very tender.

I’ll tell you the temptation to tell her I would kiss and lick them better almost got the better of me…but they are magnificent breasts. Aren’t they Alex?

It’s one thing I don’t suffer from. I rarely wear a bra when I am in the house I love to feel them bounce and jiggle about. The freedom is wonderful. Ask any girl who wears a bra during the day how she feels when she releases them from their structured confines and answer will always be the same. A relief. Now this may sound crude but it could be compared to the almost euphoric feelings you get when you poo.

See I told you it was crude but it is so true and a very good comparison. 😉

I suppose I will never experience the chaffing and sensitivity she does because I have someone sucking, licking and nibbling at my nipples quite frequently. So they tend to be resilient firm and hard, just the way Alex likes them. Not to say they aren’t sensitive to touch, they are and I can be brought close to orgasm with just the right touch.

Alex just volunteered himself to go over and help her out. He is such a dirty guy. But I wouldn’t say no to a threesome if Busty is reading.

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