Lesbian Sex Show With A Twist

By | November 23, 2010

Short Blue DressHe had spotted them the moment they walked into the club. One in a dark blue dress the other in bright red. The dresses were short, finishing above mid-thigh and riding up when they sat down, only crossed legs and the subdued light saving their modesty. Not that these girls looked modest or shy. Their breasts were on show, tantalising him. The girl in blue seemed fuller, more ample the one in red flatter-chested.

The champagne he sent to their table brought them to his booth and they introduced themselves as Julie and Cindy. They seemed to take to Guido immediately, apparently not put off by the twenty year age difference, his pony tail and the slight bald spot that his long hair was now failing to disguise.

They laughed at his jokes, giggled at his innuendos and were wowed by his tales of two Ferraris in his garage.

They left the club before midnight, the manager happy to see the club’s owner leave for the evening with a girl on each arm.

The stretched Hummer and its silent driver carried the three of them to Guido’s country house. They were still drinking the last of another bottle of Moet from the limo’s chiller as their carriage pulled up outside the ostentatious portico of chez Guido.

The driver watched Guido, draped in girls stumble up the steps and into the house. He parked up the Hummer, knowing his services would not be needed again tonight.


Music thudded from Guido’s top-line sound system. The girls danced for him, their bodies writhing, legs entwined while Guido watched from the sofa, cigar in one hand, glass of Courvoisier in the other and his legs spread wide.

They smiled at him, winked, ran their hands over each other’s bodies and then kissed. Their tongues delved into each other’s mouth and for a moment they were on their own, not in Guido’s house but just the two of them in a decadent sensation filled universe.

The moment passed and they noticed Guido rubbing himself through his trousers. The girl in the blue dress approached him unzipping herself, was it Julie or Cindy? Guido couldn’t remember and really couldn’t care less. She slid out of the dress in front of him. No bra, tiny g-string, stockings and high heels for him to ogle. She leant forward, rubbing her boobs in his face. His stubble grated on her nipples, brandy soaked tongue flicking out chasing her pink buds still erect from her recent clinch.

“Red” appeared behind her and pulled down “Blue’s” panties. She slipped two fingers inside Blue’s exposed pussy. Blue pushed her chest firmly over Guido’s face smothering him.

When the firm, fleshy mounds released him he was greeted by the sight of Red and Blue facing each other. Red, still clothed had her fingers firmly inside Blue’s snatch. Blue’s panties were now at her ankles. Red worked her fingers on Blue’s G-spot. Blue’s eyes began to roll, her breathing now sharp gasps, knees beginning to buckle. Then she cried out, her orgasm shaking her whole body. There was a sloshing sound, Red’s fingers still working on Blue’s pussy making her squirt. Fluid ran down Red’s hand, falling from her wrist onto the carpet.

When Red relented Blue’s inner thighs and calves were glistening with a river of ejaculate.

She placed her fingertips in Guido’s open mouth for him to taste and rubbed his cock through his trousers. He sucked her fingers, tasting Blue’s essence. A few moments later he grunted, Red felt the pulsing of his cock and watched a wet patch begin to form on the material of his right thigh.

“Want to try something else?” She asked.

“Hmm, Yeah …” Slurred Guido, only half conscious. His eyelids were heavy so he shut them.

He felt his belt unfastened and his arms raised. He chortled to himself at the though of a little improvised bondage. He felt his hands now secured by the belt to something, probably the table behind the sofa he thought absently from behind his closed eyelids.

Then nothing. He could hear shuffling about, the tinkle of metal …

“See ya Guido!” It was Blue’s voice.

He opened his eyes to see the girls standing in front of him smiling. Red was in the process of emptying his wallet and Blue was dangling the keys of his Enzo in his face. His mouth opened and closed soundlessly, trying to protest but too drunk and amazed to actually form a sentence.

Minutes later he heard the engine of his Italian dream car roar away up the long drive to the road.

“Bollocks!” he said before drifting off to sleep.