Sexually Dehydrated

By | April 14, 2008

I came down with a stinking head cold this weekend. Marvellous you look forward to the weekend all week and then you feel like shit. My nose has been constantly running like a tap and my throat sore. No comments regards the salty gargle. Lol

Despite feeling so itchy my sexual appetite hasn’t diminished. I have had a normally high sex drive despite having a streaming nose and aching. Strange how when you feel so weak and dejected the drive to have sex is still there. Not as much foreplay but lots of fucking. 😉

It occurred to me that having a cold and fucking is going to increase my chances of dehydration. So, exactly what ration of water is required to stave off dehydration and what formula can you use to calculate your requirements?

Sex adds to the dehydration, therefore should you need to hydrate as you would before an arduous session down at the gym? I suppose you should, sex takes it out of you then add the possible fluid loss during orgasm and the sweat produced during the act. Uhmmm, I’m not sure how to work this out.

Could this explain why we sometimes find ourselves feeling tired after sex or even have a post shag headache?

So a word of warning, make sure you hydrate before a good sex session. BTW, if there is anyone wanting to carry out clinical trials Alex and I are available. 😉