Christmas Capers – Part 1 of 2

By | December 18, 2006

Some years ago I was lucky enough to work for a company who gave great Christmas parties.  The first year I was with them we were all taken to a Country hotel by coach.  We could eat and drink all the wine provided at the table for free and not even have to worry about getting back as they provided 3 coaches to take us home.

At that time I was single and looking forward to a bit of flirting, especially with one of my work colleagues Carl.  I fancied the pants off him and I was sure he felt the same about me.  He would tease me during office hours and it somehow showed through.  I was hoping that he would give me some sign that he fancied me during the evening.

During work hours despite the odd bit of fooling around and teasing we were very professional and I certainly didn’t want anyone in the office to know that I had designs on Carl.  I would never hear the end of it, there were some pretty immature people in that office.

It was a formal dinner and disco and I bought a full length black evening dress with a very, very (just above ass) cut.  It was a halter neck and the front was nice and low too.  Just showing enough boob to catch his eye.  I hoped.

The coach picked everyone up on route, I was one of the last to get on and ended up sitting next to smelly Nigel.  There is one in every office isn’t there?  The guy who has personal hygiene problems.  Who thinks that body odour is natural and should be accepted as such.  A stranger to anti-perspirant.

Forty five, long minutes later we arrived at the hotel.  It was a large country house set in it’s own grounds.  Very grand and not what I had been used to in the past.  Other parties had been as cheap as possible with cost per head in the region of MacDonald’s.  Lol

Carl wasn’t on my coach and I hoped he was still coming.  He had promised to be there, so he was probably on one of the other’s.  He had to see me in my dress.  After all I bought it for him.

We alighted the coach and climbed the stone steps to the reception area.  Coats were handed in to the cloakroom attendant then we made our way down the hall in to the dinning room.  It was very grand, with high ceilings, decorate plaster mouldings and lashings of guilt paintwork.  The tables were laid out in settings of 10 and I still couldn’t see Carl anywhere.

I decided to go to the bar at the far end of the room until he showed and I could then take a seat at his table rather than end up stuck with a group of people I didn’t like.  A couple of drinks late he appeared at the bar to buy a drink.  My heart began to race as he looked me up and down with approvingly.

Neither of us wanted to draw attention to our obvious attraction to each other.  I made my way to first to try to throw people off the scent.  He took his position opposite me at the table.  Not too close but it enabled us to engage in facial exchanges.  I almost got caught winking at him by a colleague, I rapidly averted my gaze to the glass of wine in front of me.

It was exciting to at last be sure he like me too.  I had spent months waiting for this night to come.  A chance for him to see me out of my office attire, looking like a “woman”, not just an office bod.  I’m not sure how much I drank but I could feel my inhibitions slipping away by the gloss.  I had to stop myself several times from saying something to him over the table which would have given the game away.

The meal slipped down with very little attention, my focus was on him and the meal was a mere formality before the fun really began when the disco started up.  I wanted to get him up and dance.  To show him how I could move and gyrate, perhaps even get the chance to grind up against him.

Clare and Dave got up to dance and I joined them.  Slowly others poured on to the dance floor to strut their stuff.  After a few minutes of troilism with Clare and Dave, Carl appeared at my side.  I waisted no time in engaging him in a dance, he wasn’t the best of movers but that didn’t matter.

We danced our way through a couple of tracks and then he shouted in my ear, did I want to go outside for some fresh air.  I agreed it would be a good idea as I had now boogied up a feminine glow.  He told me to go and he would join me in a couple of minutes so that nobody suspected we were going out there together.

It was bloody cold out there mid December wearing just an evening dress.  I made my way down the steps at the side of the dining hall and in to the garden.  Shortly after the sound of the disco poured out on to the grounds as the door from the dining room opened and out stepped Carl.

I think we exchanged a “hello” before embracing with a deep and passionate kiss.  How long I had waited for this moment…

To be concluded.