Fucking Clitoral Explosion

By | November 25, 2010

Finger AssI sometimes have to remind myself just how long I’ve been testing and reviewing toys.  Is it really 5 ½ years?  Because I feel like it was just yesterday in terms of the way I get excited by new products but at the same time I realise that I’ve experienced hundreds of toys and products.

As I placed the Form 2 under the duvet with me I wondered what exactly this petite little vibe was going to do for me.  It looked so unassuming and peculiar in shape.  More like an extracted molar than a vibrator.

Just goes to show even the experienced can be oh so wrong…

It was a dark, damp day outside and I decided to go to bed for a bit of a play having spent the morning writing and chasing contacts.  A bit of time out to recoup and recharge and…

Jeremy Kyle wasn’t doing it for me.  Lol  I slipped out from under the duvet and slipped in one of the latest DVD’s to be sent to me for to view and review.  Without giving too much away it has lots of ass action.  Strange I used to be anti anal and now I like to watch it, probably because I’ve now tried it myself.  A lesson to never be closed minded, try everything once.

As he gave the brunette an anal plundering I slipped the Form 2 vibrator between my legs to take on my body heat.  The vibe sat nicely between my thighs as I watched her boobs swaying beneath her as he fucked the shit out of her.  Bad me.  Lol

How randy was I, watching her taking every inch of his hard cock in her ass.  I ran my hand down over my tummy towards my pubic mound, plump and trimmed.  Easing my finger between my pussy lips it felt dry but as I moved deeper in I felt the slick viscosity of my own juices and smelled the sweet musky aroma as it crept out from under the duvet.

I was ready, primed and receptive to whatever this little gem could offer.

The two prongs of the Form 2 vibrator slip either side of the clitoris with ease.  This toy was now starting to make sense in my head as I pressed the plus button firing it in to action.  After making my way through the speeds I found the most delicious escalating mode it really reverberated through my now swollen clitoris.

I flipped over the Form 2 so the base unit was resting near to me and the two prongs around the opening of my clitoral hood.  This felt much better, more intense, which is most probably due to the vibration of the prongs tips.

It felt good but I couldn’t feel myself quite slipping in to that dreamy pre orgasmic state, which feels like being wrapped and embraced in a soft duvet.  Content to leave the Form 2 in place and enjoy the pleasurable vibrations I let myself relax and enjoy the experience.

Just as I started to drift off in to a day dream listening to the moans of pleasure coming from the television screen…something started to happen.  Small electrical impulses fired within my groin, spreading down to my toes and down my arms.

I braced myself for impact as my obvious growing orgasm built.  Twitching I started to feel the eye of the storm reach me and I moaned out loud as I trembled in its grip.  There are very few static toys, by that I mean without a moving head the induce this kind of reaction from me.

This is a truly good clitoral vibrator and should by no means be passed off for its looks.  It may be a little more expensive than some toys but it makes you feel soooo good.  😉