Unusual Sex Toys

By | April 14, 2008

Berman AdonisIf you want to find an array of unusual and surprising sex toys the Internet is the only place to go. Unless you live near a huge sex toy superstore you couldn’t hope to see anything but a tiny proportion of what’s now available.

So it occurred to me to take stock and see what we had reviewed that would come under the heading of “unusual”. I’m not talking about the alien love doll that Suze highlight a few weeks ago, that’s just tooooo weird. What I mean is toys that are innovative in their design. For example.

The Wave Vibrator, its shape is non-obvious, Suze finds it effective and because of the way in which its shape allows it to be held it’s easy to get along with.

The Lelo Lily is a beautifully formed and powerful rechargeable vibe. As an object in itself it’s quite special.

The Tuyo has a form that doesn’t betray its function and screams quality.

And finally the Berman Adonis Vibrator is soft, fun to use (according to Suze), controllable and is referred to in our house as Laura’s Prawn. Sorry Dr B 🙂

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