G-Shot For The G-Spot

By | April 15, 2008

G-Shot, The G-Spot Enhancement

I personally have no problems with locating my g-spot it is stimulated most of the time we have sex and when I use the my g-spot vibrators. The reason I say most of the time is because there are certain times of the month when my vaginal walls thicken and locating the right area is difficult due to swelling.

However, there are women out there who have problems finding their g-spot and therefore stimulating it. This could be due to the size of the area or how raised it is. Normally the sensitive bundle of nerve endings is pronounced and therefore easy to stimulate when it comes in to contact with an erect cock, toy or whatever else takes your fancy.

In some women it has been found that the area isn’t as pronounced as it could be and may he a key factor in the women not being satisfied during intercourse.

There is now help on its way. A new treatment called g-spot amplification has been developed. This involves an injection of human engineered collagen into the g-spot under local anaesthetic.

The G-Shot as it is known is given via a special speculum which guides the needle to just the right place. This procedure takes around half an hour from arrival in the surgery to leaving, the shot itself taking only 8 seconds to complete. The G-Shot usually lasts around 4 months. The result is a more pronounced g-spot and an increased chance of it making contact during sex.

It’s claimed that the shot enlarges the area to around the size of a 10 pence piece and about quarter of an inch in height. It does come at a price though, £800 to be precise but if it improves your sexual experiences then price is irrelevant.

This procedure is now available in the UK, studies in the US claim that about 87% of women who had the jab found they experienced enhanced sexual arousal and gratification.

If you want to find out more check out this site.

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