Lunchtime Debauchery

By | April 15, 2008

I’m still frequenting the local greasy spoon at lunchtime. They no longer have an eye candy, the good looking girl left some weeks ago but the sandwiches are great.

I park my car in the same spot every lunchtime and eat my sandwich whilst listening to the Radio 1. It’s not exactly a walk in the park but you do need to get out of the office for a while to refresh for the afternoon.

It’s been quite an interesting year of car lunches. I have witnessed drug trading. The guy actually pulled up his car and a guy came down the road, sat in the car momentarily, the exchange was done and he got out of the car and walked back up the road. All this took place right in front of my car whilst I was eating my lunch.

My presence has not gone totally un-noticed, a car drove by twice the other day, on the second occasion slowly. I think he thought I was a hooker. I thought it best not to look up and acknowledge him.

I’ve seen a few working girls too setting out for business in the afternoon. It’s amazing what you can witness if you just park up in the right area.

There was time when I could just sit quiet and do naughty things to myself but it seems to be getting busier. A driving instructor keeps parking next to me when he is in the area. There are several places to park but he always pulls right next to my car. Maybe he is going to offer me some advanced lessons. 😉

I looked out of the car window in to the shrubbery next to the car and spotted a soggy dogeared porn magazine today. Could this have been discarded by a punter as he waited for his lady to arrive?

Life it’s more interesting than any television program. 😉