Can You See My Pussy?

By | April 16, 2008

As I mentioned yesterday both Busty and Horny have joined a gym and paid their first visit last night. They did a quick aerobics class and then they decided to take a dip in the pool. I can just imagine how good Busty looks in that swimsuit…

They said the gym had been busy and they had spotted a couple of nice guys and hope they will be there next time they go. Horny admitted to having fanny gallops. She is such a dirty bitch. 😉

Busty said I had to ask Horny if my minge was ok and added “It’s kind of hard to see it these days because of these”, she then pointed to her ample breasts. Now if she asked me nicely I would hold them out of the way whilst she grooms her muff. Lol

It made me think, it’s a while since I had an unobstructed view of mine too. Thanks to the careful use of mirrors a clean shave can be achieved 😉 And a little help from Alex.

It’s nice to have a ample bossom but it can get in the way. We occasionally drop food on to it when we eat too, I checked and Busty has the same problem. Lol But that is ok if you have someone prepared to lick it off.

It’s a while since I went swimming I wonder if I would float better these days…

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