Masturbation Experimentation

By | April 17, 2008

I wrote a few months ago about walking in on a guy who has smoked too much dope and fallen asleep on the sofa. This wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem but he had his cock out. He had been wanking sat with his cock out on the sofa.

But best of all he had left the tea towel he had been using as a mastubatory aid wrapped around his cock. Now you may be saying “well, that’s ok it feels like someone else is doing it.” That is until I point out that this tea towel had been used in the kitchen.

The guys who we had been out with that shared the student digs were not too impressed and I don’t think they asked him to wash up again after that.

Just thinking about this incident reminded me of other male masturbatory tales that I have been privy to over the years. I once worked with a guy who claimed to have known someone who worked in a pork pie factory. This guy worked the night shift and used to prepare the pastry cases.

He was allegedly feeling a little amorous one night and stuck his erect cock in to an industrial sized block of lard and gave it a good seeing to. I have never been able to validate this story but it did put me off eating pork pie for a number of years after hearing it. Lol

It made we wonder just what unusual home made wanking devices have been used to get off with. I’m already aware of the sock technique, where you cover your erection with a sock and wank. Also the use of melons and cucumbers by scooping out the centre just enough to insert your cock in to and away you go. 😉

I found this site whilst hunting around on the web it’s full of ideas and techniques, some of them quite amazing.

“Now tell me…what’s the most imaginative wanking device you have used”? 😉

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