Swedish Sex

By | April 17, 2008

I wondered some month ago if Britain would ever become accepting of the sale of sex toys. Yes, you can purchase them at licensed Adult Stores and online but there are no mainstream outlets.

Ann Summers is striving to bring the sale of adult toys to the high street and now has a chain with outlets in most towns. But if you go in them, the store is 90% geared towards clothing and only 10% towards novelties, sex toys and games.

I’m not sure that this will be strong enough to maintain their position in the market place. After all there are many more established lingerie emporiums including La Senza and Marks & Spencer who probably have a wider choice and aren’t quite as pricey.

However having said that I do admire their forthright idea of bringing adult play to the general public. At one point I thought I heard a rumour that Boots the chemist were intending to carry a line of adult toys but I haven’t heard anything to back that up.

So today when I read that a Swedish pharmacy chain by the name of Apoteket were intending to add sex toys to it’s shelves for a trial period of one year I was elated. Lets not sell them like they are under the counter goods. People have sex, get over it. Lol

I hope their new venture is received well and gives them good returns. Anything that encourages to have adventurous, safe sex is good by me. Spokeswoman Eva Fernavall is quoted as saying “We want to de-dramatize the use of sex help tools and help people to a better sex life, with our without a partner”.

What a healthy view and I truly believe that having a healthy sex life can be good for you from a health point of view. It’s a well know fact that sex helps to reduce stress and relax you, just one of the benefits to be had.

This could be a test case for other countries and I’ll be very interested to see what the outcome is. Watch this space and I will keep you informed. In the meantime go and practice. 😉

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