Give Me A Pearl Necklace

By | December 4, 2010

That’s one thing I have never desired, well least not one made with an oyster’s shell. Lol I think it goes way back to my school days, bear with me. I had a form teacher in high school who insisted on wearing a different necklace each day.

Some of them were really huge and cumbersome. I remember her well, she had white hair except for the yellowish tinges in it which puzzled me, never found out what they were. And her pallor was paper white, she must have used loads of white powder which sat on her flesh and tiny facial hairs. I wonder if it was arsenic. 🙂

She always smelled of celery, don’t ask me why. A friend of mine in the same class always said that particular smell was associated with not being very clean. I never really got that, surely you would smell of sweat not vegetables.

Anyway, back to where I was headed. She also had a favourite white pearl necklace which she would wear repeatedly unlike her junk jewellery. Every time I had to go up to her desk at the front of the class I would study her pearls to see if they were fake.

Do you remember, fake pearls were small plastic beads coated in a pearlescent paint which after a time would peal off, revealing the white opaque spheres of plastic beneath.

I was prompted to write this post when looking for phallic jewellery on the Internet. You may want to check out this site, the image above comes from there. It would take a brave person to go out wearing these pendants. Lol