Suze’s Dirty Christmas, Part 2

By | December 5, 2010

We danced our way through a couple of tracks and then he shouted in my ear, did I want to go outside for some fresh air. I agreed it would be a good idea as I had now boogied up a feminine glow. He told me to go and he would join me in a couple of minutes so that nobody suspected we were going out there together.

It was bloody cold out there mid December wearing just an evening dress. I made my way down the steps at the side of the dining hall and in to the garden. Shortly after the sound of the disco poured out on to the grounds as the door from the dining room opened and out stepped Carl.

I think we exchanged a “hello” before embracing with a deep and passionate kiss. How long I had waited for this moment. My panties were instantly moist and I could feel his excitement pushing against my leg. Without parting lips he reached his hand inside my dress and cupped my breast. At that moment the door flew open and someone began to descend the stairs.

We separated and tried to regain our composure, then made our way back up the stairway. Fortunately it was one of the sales team and he was wrecked. He sat down on a step halfway down and held his head in his hands.

Carl and I spent the evening trying to engineer our escape outside again but we were thwarted ever time. The evening passed too quickly and before we knew it we were being ushered out to the waiting coaches again to go home.

The line up for the transport didn’t seem quite as long as it should have been. I remembered suggesting to Carl that we head for the bus furthest away and go to the back. He followed and we made our way to the far left back seat. I sat against the window and he slid in beside me. Not that we were making it obvious that we wanted to be together or anything. 😀 By this time we wanted to get in to each others pants so much that we had become a little blaze about it.

A few more got on the coach but sat near to the front. Some looked worse for wear and I hoped that we didn’t have any projectile vomiting. The driver shouted out the window to see if anyone else needed to climb on then closed the door and started the engine. The CD of Christmas hits started up and everyone capable started to croon. By now Carl had his hand though the side slit in my dress and was heading towards my wet crotch. I placed my hand on his thigh and was greeted by the tip of his erection.

It must have been the alcohol which brought about what I did next, I’m sure in a more sombre mood I wouldn’t have contemplated it. I pulled down the zipper in his suit trousers and reached inside for his cock. He was pulsing hard. He whispered in my ear that I could sit on his knee if I hoisted my dress up. The coach was in total darkness, so I agreed. I carefully hoisted my dress up to around my hips and raised myself off the seat.

I placed myself over his lap, he pulled my thong to one she and guided his erection up in to me. The feeling of exhilaration was indescribable. Having waited and wanted for so long to get close to this guy. It wasn’t the best fuck that I have had, with the restriction of movement. After all we didn’t want to get noticed and then be made to walk home. Lol. But the mind fuck made up for the lack of thrust. Just sitting on his erection made me come and he did too.

Only minutes after sitting on his knee he was twitching beneath me as he filled my pussy with this fluid. We were only minutes from his flat when I regained my composure, just enough time to pull down my dress and ease back in to my seat. I’m sure someone must have realised what we were up to at the back but nobody said a word.

Carl shouted from the back “we are alright here mate”. And the bus came to a halt. “Are you coming in?” he asked…