Thinking About Sex

By | April 18, 2008

When is thinking about sex wrong? Is thinking about sex ever wrong? It just struck me that a lot of people seem to be conditioned into thinking that if, during the course of your working day, you start to think about sex in an idle moment that there is something wrong with you. OK, so if you’re thinking about sex in every spare moment you may have a problem, but in general how can thinking about sex be a bad thing?

Denial of your own sexual urges can pervert them, twist them into something they are not and make you feel as if you’re in some way dysfunctional. Suppression of something that is so fundamental to humans can only lead to an internal struggle between your instinctive self and the morals that are imposed on us by society and by our own in-built understanding of what is right and wrong.

Sex in itself is a healthy part of any loving relationships, despite what some people might try to tell you. In an age where STIs are on the increase there’s certainly an argument against recreational sex (if you can deal with the lack of emotional attachment) but that doesn’t stop this being practiced by many people.

Sex with multiple partners has to be about managing the risks to your physical, psychological and emotional well being. With a long-term partner it should be about exploration and to ensure that is the case your imagination has to be thinking up new things for the pair of you to do.

So today, while you’re at work and perhaps wondering why the clock is taking so long to make its way to the end of your shift why not indulge yourself and come up with something that will really surprise your partner this evening.

Then drop us a line and tell us about it hehehe.