It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

By | April 18, 2008

Have you ever decided in the heat of the moment to do something naughty and regretted it. Or alternatively, spent a while thinking through a sexual scenario only to be disappointed when your plans were put in to action?

You guessed it, I have! Sometimes the best laid plans don’t always work and on the spur ideas can turn out to be disasters. We read about horny encounters and try to emulate them and regret the decision later.

One such time was when Alex and I hadn’t been together very long, during that blissful period of discovery. When everything is new and exciting. I had read about Marianne Faithfull had been involved rather intimately with a Mars Bar and Mick Jagger when the police raided a party. And you will never guess what went on my next shopping list. ๐Ÿ˜€ You wouldn’t think that buying a chocolate bar could feel so naughty. Bear in mind that I don’t have a sweet tooth.

We rushed back home from the supermarket and I placed it in the back corner of the fridge for later. ๐Ÿ˜‰ After eating dinner we settled down with a beer and watched some TV until our food settled and we could get down to some evening play.

Later that evening whilst Alex was leaning over me fingering my pussy as I recall. I remembered the Mars Bar and asked if he wanted to get it from the fridge, with a slight giggle of anticipation. Within seconds Alex was back from the kitchen with the chocolate bar and a huge grin.

He continued to finger me for a while making the entrance to my cunt more easily accessible. He then unwrapped the bar and placed it against my pussy lips. It felt cold but nice pressing up against my hot pouting fleshy lips. He pushed his fingers inside me once more and coated the chocolate with my juices and then began to push it up inside me.

It felt cold and just the thought of it being pushed between my lips made me wet. Alex was having trouble keeping hold of the bar and working it in and out of me as the chocolate and my cum blended and made the bar very slipy.

He lowered his head towards my hot chocolate hole and began to take small bites, rising up after each for me to witness him devouring the chocolate treat. Watching him eating the bar out of my twat made me so horny, it wasn’t so much the bar as it really wasn’t filling my hot pussy but the act of watching him eat from me.

It also had its humorous moments as his chin began to grow a chocolate beard as the confectionary coated his face with each bite. When he had eaten the last remnants of the melted bar he lapped at my pussy until every visible trace of the chocolate had gone. I then jumped up off the bed leaving behind a slightly marked sheet. I must admit it didn’t look very appealing to anyone who didn’t know what was on it. ๐Ÿ˜€

After a quick wash in the bathroom I returned to have Alex inside me instead of the bar. Alex came inside me which cleaned out some of the chocolate lining inside me and his cock was very tasty when I went down on him.

It was a good night which I was reminded of the following day at work when I took a piss. I pulled down my panties and the gusset was covered in chocolate. My panties were covered in chocolate for the rest of the day until I got home and took a bath. Even after bathing the chocolate was still oozing out of my pussy. So be aware that if you try this you may be cuming chocolate for a couple of days after. Now just what would the doctor make of that if you went for a smear. Lol.

Don’t ask me why we decided to do it. It seemed like a very hot idea at the time. I must have thought it would be like using Ben Wha balls. Alex got the idea to insert a squash ball inside my pussy while we were in the mood to be naughty and wanting to be the willing partner prepared to try most things once I agreed. He opened up his racket case and withdrew a couple of the balls and disappeared off to the bathroom to wash them. He’s such a considerate guy. ๐Ÿ˜€

He placed one inside and then the other and I jiggled my hips around waiting for the stimulating sensation. Nothing happened, I couldn’t even tell they were in there. So realising this wasn’t such a great idea I asked Alex to remove them. Now that would have been quite an easy task was it not for the fact that they were now basted with my pussy juice. Making them almost impossible to grab a hold of.

Alex huffed and puffed as he tried to get all but his full hand inside me in an attempt to remove the rubber balls. Luck was on his side and he managed to take hold of one and pull it out but the other was a pain in the ass. He kept on trying to push deeper and deeper inside me to retrieve that bloody ball and he just couldn’t catch a hold of it.

I lay on my back with my legs wide, feeling like I was about to give birth with all the man handling. At the back of my mind I had the niggling doubt that he wouldn’t be able to get hold of it. Then what! Will I have to go to the hospital and explain that I had a squash ball up my pussy. How embarrassing would that be? I suppose I could have said that I tripped and fell on the ball and it ended up inside my vagina. No, I don’t think they would have fallen for that.

After what seemed like hours, Alex complete with sweat beaded brow exclaimed, “I’ve got it!” You can’t imagine the sense of relief we both felt as he extracted the final ball from my nether regions. Never again.

I always had a thing about fucking in the snow. Practicality tells you that it’s going to be cold and uncomfortable but I felt so horny every time I thought about screwing in the snow. Our first winter together in the flat I persuaded Alex that we ought to drive out to “bunny watch”. You’re all asking what that means now, I hear youโ€ฆWell bunny watch is what I called driving out in to the countryside at night for a shag in the car. The name came from the numerous rabbits within the area that came out to spy on you. ๐Ÿ˜€

We put on our long warm coats, grabbed a blanket and a shovel (just in case, you never know). The blanket went on the back seat and the shovel in the boot of the car along with the bucket of grit. Hey, you’ll never see me caught out! The roads to the pull in were fairly clear but the actual pull in was about a couple of feet deep in snow. Goody! I thoughtโ€ฆit all looks so nice and pristine when the snow is freshly fallen and untrodden by foot. So inviting from the confines and warmth of the car.

Alex turned off the engine and we both looked at each other with a “you’ve got to be mad!” look and then we started to undress. We both removed all our clothing apart from our boots and put the warm coats back on. Alex climbed out of the car and shut the door with a bang muffled by the acoustic absorbance of the snow. I followed, stepping out into the cold night air and I recall feeling the cold hitting my extremities as I stepped from the car. But nothing was going to stop me, I had waited for an age to do this.

We walked off hand in hand to a clearing in the woods adjacent to the pull in. The moon was full and illuminated our way in to the oak and birch surrounded glade. I looked back to check if we could be seen, there were no other cars in sight and the air was silent. Alex pulled me to him and planted a passionate kiss on my lips, he then pulled away and began to unbutton his coat.

I took his lead and began to undo my buttons. As I did so the cold air hit me like a bullet and I started to shiver. My teeth began to chatter and my body began to shake with the cold. “It’s too bloody cold”, I garbled between chattering teeth and began to button back up and walk to the car. Alex laughed, always the sensible one he knew it would be too cold to fuck out in the wilds in the middle of winter.

“I’ll just take a piss and I’ll meet you back at the car”, he said unzipping his flies. I almost ran back to the car and jumped inside. I don’t know what came over me but the devil in me took over for a moment and I decided to lock all the car doors.

Alex placed his hand on the drivers handle and was surprised that the door hadn’t opened. He tapped on the glass of the driver’s door and shouted for me to let him in. I just giggled. I couldn’t stop laughing at the thought of him out there in the snow with just his coat and shoes on. I know I’m such a cow sometimes. ๐Ÿ˜€

My giggles had turned in to laughter now as I noticed the reflection of lights coming over the hill. I reached over and opened the driver’s door to allow Alex inside. Just in time, as he jumped in the car rounded the bend and headed in to the layby.

We didn’t hand around to see if they had the same idea of a quick fuck in the snow and that was the last time I had the crazy idea of making out in the snow. Let others get frostbite, I’m not trying that one again.