A Good Hard Fuck

By | December 6, 2010

Disappeared off to the bedroom the intention being that we get down and dirty before one of our favourite programs came on. We’re so bloody romantic I can tell you. Lol

We stripped off and jumped under the covers totally naked. The central heating was on and the bedroom nice and warm, in fact a little too warm. As Alex disappeared down between my legs I kicked back the duvet.

He started to work his magic on my clit and within seconds was really giving me a good tonguing. I could feel my little nub swelling with the delights of his ministrations. He lapped, flicked and licked, swirling his tongue all over my sex saliva mingling with the juices he solicited from me.

I took hold of his head between my hands and gently ground my groin in to his face. Don’t ask me why I just love the dominating aspect of this cliché. A few more licks and I couldn’t resist any more.

Taking hold of his head I guided him up to my mouth and kissed his lips, momentarily savouring the taste of my own sex. His essence was divine and I ran my tongue around his mouth to collect up more of that exquisite elixir.

Raising myself from the mattress I turned over, assuming the position before him. I noticed his cock was hard as I manoeuvred. He was just as ready for me as I was to be taken by him.

No words were exchanged as he sidled up behind me and slipped his hard cock between my labia and in to my hot hole. I was perfectly lubed by his tongue and he was soon balls deep inside me.

His thrusts were almost destabilising me as I inched forward with each inward thrust. I could sense the headboard coming closer. My pussy was pulsing with the almost frenzied assault upon it. Within moments I was coming as he rubbed against my g-spot soliciting moans of pleasure.

Alex’s deep throaty groans were clearly audible as he continued to fuck me. I came again and again and then the thrusting slowed to a more deliberate pace and I knew he was close. Then the deep ramming started again as he pushed so deep inside me his body was up over my back.

My wrists were about to give so I lowered to my elbows distributing the weight and stabilising myself. He continued to pound in to me oblivious to my repositioning. Then with one almighty thrust he came roaring like a lion, my pussy twitched releasing another orgasm to meet his.

Sometimes you just want it fast and hard…