TK Fucked to the Max

By | December 7, 2010

Their arms were laden down with clothes as they were every Sunday. The queue for the changing rooms was long, the store busy and noisy. Tina and Kim shuffled impatiently. Eventually both given tokens for the items they carried and directed to separate changing rooms.

When the assistant had left Tina carried her clothes to Kim’s changing room. She knocked lightly on the door and pushed it gently. It opened. Tina slipped inside and locked them both in.

Kim was already in her underwear and smiled at Tina. “Do you think that one was suspicious? “ she asked.

“No.”, Replied Tina. “They have hundreds of people in here every day, we don’t stand out.” That wasn’t strictly true, Tina was a strikingly curvy red-head with blue-green eyes who always wore just a little too much makeup for the time of day. Kim had an understated, elfin beauty with straight black hair cut into her neck.

They both dressed simply but well in a style that turn the guy’s heads in a way that the guys could never quite put their fingers on.

Tina turned her back on Kim, “Unzip me.” She asked. The garment was shrugged off her shoulders, then wiggled over her hips. Kim turned and stepped out of the pile of fabric on the floor.  She was left wearing only her knickers and heels. Kim savoured the sight of Tina’s C-Cup breasts for a moment. They were softer and rounder than her own almost-B-cups, so inviting …

Kim leant forward and licked one of Tina’s nipples. Tina stifled a moan of pleasure. Their liaisons here had to be silent, despite their wicked, joyful excitement just at the though of being so naughty in a public place. Kim’s lips fixed around the nipple and Tina’s resolve to keep silent was tested to the limit when she felt her friend suck on the erect flesh and flick it with her tongue.

Tina’s pussy began to tingle. She pressed her thighs together in an attempt to rub herself a little. Kim switched to the other nipple, sucking and flicking for a while then biting gently on the engorged button. Kim broke away, her hands still cupping Tina’s full breasts.

“My turn?” Asked Kim. Tina nodded. She took Kim by the shoulders, turned her around and pushed her forward. Kim braced herself against the wall with her hands. She felt her panties pulled down to her ankles. The exposure of her moist pussy to the air chilled it slightly.

Tina dropped to her knees and lifted one of Kims feet out of her panties. Then she spread Kims legs, parting her butt cheeks and allowing easier access to Kim’s pussy. Tina’s tongue began to lap at the swollen pouting lips between Kim’s legs.  Kim bent further forward to aid Tina’s exploration of her folds.  She felt Tina’s energetic tongue probe as deep as it could into her vagina, swirling around and rubbing the entrance.

Tina pushed forward towards Kim’s clitoris, trying to lick it but not quite reaching, the rapid lapping of her tongue pulling at the flesh around Kim’s clit, not quite making contact, tantalising Kim cruelly and soliciting a quiet moan. Tina gave up and concentrated on the opening to Kim’s wet hole. She sucked and slurped at the well of divine fluid as quietly as her passion would allow.

Tina’s nose was pressed against the puckered opening of Kim’s ass. A devilish though crossed Tina’s mind. Her tongue left Kim’s pussy and slithered across Kim’s asshole. Kim gasped, surprised and excited. She had wanted to ask Tina to do this but in all their time as lovers never had the courage to do so. Tina coated Kim’s hole with saliva, the tip of her tongue probe gently at the ring of muscle making it twitch. She did not try to push inside, this was a new step for both of them.

One of Tina’s hands slid between Kim’s leg the other between her own. She rubbed two clitorises simultaneously waiting from the climax to arrive.

Suddenly it happened, as Tina’s tongue teased Kim’s ass Kim came. Her pussy twitched, her bottom clenched and her body shuddered. Kim turned and slid down the wall, spent and sated. She watched Tina, now crouched on her knees, hand still in her panties rubbing her own clit. In a few moments Tina’s eyes rolled and she fell forward steadying herself with her free hand panting and flushed.

Did the assistants notice that they visited the store every weekend and never bought anything, probably.  Did they care, probably not. But you never can tell …