Sex In The Snow Soon

By | December 7, 2010
Every year as we head on in to Winter I have an overwhelming desire to fuck in the soft white snow when (and if) it finally arrives. There is a certain amount of kinkiness and misguided urge to abandon your clothing and get down to things on the back garden.

The idea occupies my thoughts over the Winter months as I stare out at the sugared vision from my office window. I’ve made several attempts at it but never pulled it off. Lol Everything is fine in the house with the central heating on but as soon as we go outside it’s a different matter altogether.

In fact as soon as I feel the cold air the idea becomes a fantasy once more. There is no way that I could stand the cold of the snow let alone a guy who also has to keep it up and fight his natural bodily response to the cold air which is usually to pull everything it can up in to the body and the rest as close as possible.

Despite being sound in this knowledge I still have the same naughty thoughts year upon year. 😉