Swinging With Huge Boobs

By | April 18, 2008

Horny started talking about one of her friends today. I have only met Teaser once or twice, she is a 5′ 5″ brunette about 30 years of age. I’m not very good with ages but I think that will be about right.

She revealed today that Teaser’s husband wanted her to go with another man at a swinging club. Busty’s ears pricked up at this point because she knows her too and responded “I though he wanted her to go with another woman?”

“He does”, responded Horny.
I couldn’t help myself and added “He wants everything doesn’t he?”

From what I have heard of Teaser they have a very sexual relationship and a large porn collection. They ask Horny if she wants to watch some when she goes over and allegedly she declined. Lol

Teaser has had a boob job and as Horny once remarked
“They have made a great job of them, you can’t tell they are false”.
To which I replied “What happens when she lays down?”
“They stay where they are, they are great”, she replied
“But that doesn’t happen when they are real, if you do handstands or lay on your side they should move.”

I left it at that, there was no way I was going to convince Horny that Tupperware boobs look FALSE.

Then today she calls up Teaser and is told that she cannot talk at the moment. It turns out that she was in a private clinic having a costing done for a larger set of fake boobs. She must already be a D cup.

It made me wonder…is she doing this because she likes the idea of having oversized boobs for her frame or is she changing herself in to a parody to suit her husband who obviously likes to indulge in porn and mental swinging.

If this is the reason they will never be happy with what they have and always looking for new ways to push the boundaries for excitement.

How far would you go to please your partner?

I can honestly say I have never done anything that I haven’t wanted to do. When I have lesbian trysts, it’s because I love to and have an inherent bisexual side not because my partner likes to see me lessing it up.

What do you think?