By | December 8, 2010

12 December 2022, 18:30

Julie stared out of the window, three layers of glass protecting her from the bitter cold outside. The winter was cold this year so she was glad of the insulation. He was late home, again. Julie became entranced by the moonlight lighting up a thousand ice crystals on the leaf-less forms of the trees like brilliant diamonds.

Then she spotted him, a dark figure trudging through the white powder that covered the ground. He raised his hand as he approached the house. She smiled. Julie loved to welcome him home.

Alan let himself in and cleaned up before joining Julie at the dinner table. It took him a while.

“Hard day was it dear? You took an age to clean up.” Julie asked as they started to eat.

“Hard and dirty.” He replied. “At least I have a couple of days off now.”

They both smiled and finished their meal in silence.


The lights were low in their living room, soft music on the stereo.

Alan lay back on the sofa and waited for Julie to return from the bedroom. She slinked in, wearing a pair of red high heals he’d acquired from a shop in Kensington and some lacy red underwear that had come all the way from Leicester.

She encouraged him to sit up so she could remove his T-shirt. He lay back down and watched her head dip towards his chest. Her black hair fell forward over her face and tickled his skin. Her tongue toyed with his nipples, circling and flicking. Her teeth followed, nibbling them gently.

He felt himself getting hard, but there was no rush, two whole days …

Her hand sought out his crotch, grasping the bulge through his trousers. Her patience was less than his. She left his wet nipples to release his cock from its confines. His trousers were unfastened with unseemly haste, pushed down to his shins along with his underwear. The thick, heavy, veined member throbbed invitingly. Julie took it in her mouth and explored Alan’s cock with her tongue. He groaned as he felt her draw him deeper into her mouth and bucked his thrusting himself into her throat. She thrust back, pressing, pressing but as always never quite managing to take his large phallus fully into her throat.

The sensation he felt as his glans were forced into a small and smaller opening where more than satisfying. He knew she could not breath, felt her endeavouring to take all of him, and then having to relent. He reached out and tugged at her knickers, but could not pull them over her round buttocks. Julie released his cock from her mouth and helped him, removing her heels at the same time when her underwear became entangled in them.

She slid over him, moist, fragrant pussy centimetres above his face and continued to suck on his cock. Alan probed the folds of her labia with his tongue, tasting her, teasing her clit and then lapping for all he was worth. He enjoyed licking her from clitoris to anus, at first experiencing the subtle changes in flavour between clitoris, vagina and ass, then simply immersing himself in the wet folds and drowning in her feminine taste and perfume.

He probed her opening to taste the depths of her and then returned to a hard flicking of her clitoris that made her squirm. His hands were on her buttocks. One finger dipped into her pussy and now, slightly wet, massaged her asshole, slipping in side to the first knuckle.

Julie’s head bobbed up and down, she felt him tensing the realisation of his imminent orgasm pushed her into one of her own. She drenched him with her fluid and then felt his cock pulsate and pump. Hot salty cum filled her mouth. She released his cock and leaned back, smothering Alan, suffocating him with her pussy and watched as his prick squirted one last jet of cum onto his stomach. She swallowed the viscous fluid in her mouth and released Alan. He gulped in air for a moment before she placed a deep cum-filled kiss on his lips.


They slept soundly until 07:05 when they were awoken by the alarm. Their hearts raced.

“It can’t be, can it?” Asked Julie her face a white mask of fear.

“Probably a false alarm.” Said Alan, trying to sound convincing and almost succeeding. “We only have a few left …and they have hardly any …”

The monitors flickered into life showing the grey tableaux outside, the vaguest hint of daylight colouring the horizon. They waited 2 minutes passed Alan checked the blast doors and window shutters, they all showed green lights. The security cameras panned across the surface structures of the bunker and confirmed they were all closed.

3 minutes, the tension was unbearable. Julie felt cold, but beads of sweat broke out on her forehead as they clung to each other.

At 07:09:22 a blinding light flooded the lens of the security camera pointing south. It was Southampton. As the initial fireball subsided they both watched the incandescent mushroom cloud form. In silence they waited for the blast to hit. The ground shook, glasses in the drinks cabinet rattled and a picture in the living room fell off the wall.

The grey dust that carpeted the ground outside spun and wheeled as the pressure wave lifted it skyward. It rained back down to the ground, the ashes of a millions souls covering the charred trees and scorched, lifeless earth like snow.

Julie began to sob. “It’s alright, it’s alright … “, comforted Alan as he rocked her to sleep, thankful they had been spared, this time.

In the decontamination area Alan’s environment suit hung ready for his next shift. A red light flickered on, there was a gentle hiss as a seal on the door failed failed and let a gentle stream of strontium 90 laced dust into the living area.