Cougar At Home Part 1

By | December 8, 2010

It was Friday, around seven in the evening. She flicked through the takeaway menus, Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai, none of them took her fancy. Then she remembered the menu her friend had given her and recommended she try. A little more exotic, a little out of the ordinary.

A few minutes on the phone and her order was placed. It would be about 90 minutes, not fast but then again this was something special. Plenty of time for a bath she thought …

She filled the tub to two-thirds full, topped with a copious layer of bubbles. Sliding into it she felt the warmth of the water on her legs and lower body. Above that a cooler, popping  enclosure of the thick layer of bubbles against her sensitive breasts and hard nipples. “You filthy cow!” she thought to herself.

She let the water soak away the dirt and tension of the week, her eyes closing and enjoying the quiet solitude of her bath. The serenity did not last for long. Her nipples were still hard, her labia seemed to tingle, she needed release.

Reaching out on to the side of the bath she grasped her vibrator. She had tried to fight it, just not very hard. Her need to cum was too strong to be suppressed, and telling herself not to be so depraved had simply added to the desire to fuck herself into oblivion with her favourite vibe.

The sound of the vibrator all but disappeared as she guided it under the foam. It was navigated to her waiting mons. She quivered with anticipation pausing a few millimetres from her clit feeling the vibrations in the water before touching the little bud with the tip of the vibe. She shuddered at the touch of the shuddering phallus, cried out as her body’s juddering response to its touch took her over.

She wanted to remove it from her clit, the reaction was so strong, she was just too horny, but she persisted. The orgasm was strong, tearing at her, water sloshed out of the tub onto the tiles. She grasped the side of the bath, dropped the vibe and heard it rattling on the bottom of the bath in her post-orgasmic haze.

But that wasn’t enough. As her faculties began to return she groped around for her buzzing friend. Grasping it firmly she pressed the vibe against her pussy, parting her lips. She lifted her knees, opening her cunt to ease the entry of the plastic intruder. She pushed the smooth shaft inside her until it reached her deepest point and gripped it with her pussy.  The vibrations flooded her pelvis, stimulating her lips and still jangling clitoris.

For a moment this was enough, but only a moment before she began to  thrust the vibe in and out. The water began to move again, propelled by her body as the pleasure began to take hold again. She rolled slightly on to her side wanting to feel the vibe rub her in every way possible, feel it shake her labia which were now buzzing so much she felt they were electrified.

She pushed the vibe as deep as it would go and clamped her thighs around it. Her hand moved to her clitoris, two fingers rubbing at the little bundle of nerves that had already given her so much pleasure. Her clit was so sensitive that the sensation  verged on pain, yet this didn’t deter her from rubbing and pinching at it. Her other hand gripped the side of the bath, knuckles white. Her eyes were closed, mouth open, breathing short and fast.

The conclusion was as inevitable as it was frantic. A shuddering, thrashing orgasm that took hold of her and seemed to throw her into the air before letting her crash down a waterfall as high as Niagra before submerging her in an impossibly long afterglow.


By nine she had composed her self and was looking forward to the delivery.

The doorbell chimed.

Opening the door revealed a man, about five years her junior, dressed in a smart suit. His black hair was stylishly trimmed, his eyes dark blue, his hands large and powerful. He confirmed her name and she invited him in. She closed the door and turned to face him, about to issue his instructions when he grabbed her and pressed his lips to hers.

The smell of his aftershave filled her nostrils, his tongue filled her mouth. She knew what came next and wanted it so badly …

To be continued.