Getting Wet For Him

By | April 19, 2008

It’s a while since Alex and I engaged in some watersport fun. This weekend is a long one for us so I think a little pant wetting naughtiness may ensue.

Only a little preparation is required, we both need to stock up on fluids. Urine is almost ordourless when plenty of fluid is taken onboard. It makes the whole experience more enjoyable and if you are feeling adventurous you could try tasting it.

I just prefer to watch as he stands before me in his boxer shorts and pees himself in front of me. White shorts are the best for this as they become transparent once the urine starts to flow from the tip of his cock.

There is something so arousing about a guy trusting you and feeling relaxed enough in your company to just let himself go and urinate in front of you. I love to watch as the water twists and turns down his inner thigh finding the quickest route to the floor.

Alex likes me to wear a pair of light coloured panties and sit expectantly waiting for the first drops to leave my urethra. His eyes widen as the crotch becomes wet, wetter and then sodden.

I’m turned on just watching his face as the warm stream flows down my leg and onto the plastic sheet, gathering in a pool between my legs.

Enough talk…I need to go just thinking about this is making me HORNY!. 😉

Tags: urophilia, watersports