Human Fuck Doll

By | December 10, 2010

Human Fuck DollI had to look twice at this image to make sure it was a real woman. To me it’s as near as a real human female can be to looking like a “Real Doll” without actually being made of silicone. Regulars will know I have a problem with airbrushing because it dehumanises with every spec of virtual paint that hits an image rendering the sexual asexual and therefore defeating the object of pornography, the depiction of a sexually alluring human form.

As I looked around the site I found that every image on it had been given the same treatment. They were all from different sources so it was the site owner who had a particular liking for this particular look/Photoshop effect. I suppose it’s a side effect of too many carefully post-produced magazine cover girls, the same effect that encourages young women with beautiful complexions to cover their skin in a thick and featureless layer of foundation to produce something that looks like a death mask.

Yes this site proved that there’s something for everyone out there, even those who appear like plastic rather than real flesh.