First Anal, Part 1

By | December 10, 2010

First Anal – Part 1

Paul gently rubbed her buttocks, letting the fingers of his right hand slide slowly over her naked skin as she lay face down on the bed in front of him. He was kneeling at her side, the warm air of the bedroom meaning they did not need clothes. His hands passed up and down her back, ass and upper thighs again and again.

They were completely relaxed and open to suggestion. Her arm reached out to the bedside cabinet and groped inside a drawer before retrieving a black bottle. She reached around her back and laid the bottle between her butt cheeks. It was lube.

“What’s that for?” asked Paul.

“My ass.”


“I want to feel  you inside me.” She said flatly.

“What my …”

“No! No, not that, not yet but I do want to feel something in there, something alive.”

He unscrewed the cap and dribbled some of the clear fluid into the crack of her buttocks then placed the bottle on the bedside cabinet. He slid his right thumb down the valley of her cheeks, rubbing the lube around her tight opening. She groaned, enjoying the stimulation of the nerve-packed puckered ring of her anus.

He gently pressed, but the opening was pulled tightly shut so continued gently massaging her. He realised that his cock was pointing skyward, the though of parting her cheeks with his hands and pushing the purple tip of his phallus into the shining ring of dark skin flashed across his mind. He pushed the thought away, knowing she was not ready, had never had anything inside her.

It was then that he realised her anus had relaxed and begun to open, the tip of his thumb crept inside, just a little. He reached over, rather awkwardly, and grabbed the lube. He dribbled a few more drops above his thumb,  working them inside with gentle thrusts, each deeper than the last.

She gasped. “Yesssss.” She hissed.

Paul’s thumb was in to the first knuckle. He could feel the heat inside her and despite the relaxation of her ass he could feel the strength of her muscles holding him.

“Get on your knees.” He demanded, removing his thumb.

She lifted herself up, knees underneath her, face flat on the pillow. Her pussy was swollen and wet, her asshole glistening from the lube and slightly more open. It invited him to press his cock against it and force it inside. He fought the urge and instead slid into the tight, wet canal of her pussy. He grabbed her hips, fucking her slowly and deliberately, probing her most sensitive parts with skilful control of his penis.

“My ass, I want something in my ass!” She was almost pleading, no, she was pleading, desperate to be doubly penetrated.

Paul slid his thumb down the crack of her backside and pressed it against her opening. It slid inside until his whole thumb was buried. He moved his thumb around while pumping her pussy. He could feel the movement of his cock on his thumb through the intervening walls of her vagina and colon. In return his cock felt the extra pressure of her double penetration.

She was mewling like a kitten, blissfully content. She was shuddering with what seemed to be one long, slow orgasm. A great wave of excitement built inside Paul and expressed itself as a massive, tsunami of an orgasm. His cock twitched and spewed cum inside her, triggering in her a new, stronger orgasm that convulsed the muscles in her pussy and ass, gripping his cock and thumb.

With a shriek he threw himself backwards as if electrocuted.

“That was amazing.” She said as they lay together afterwards.

“Really. For me too.” He smiled.

“But I wanted more. More than I could take, but I still wanted it.” Her eyes were filled with a strange mixture of guilt, excitement and lust.

“Whenever you’re ready, just say.” Whispered Paul reassuringly.

“I will.”

They drifted off to sleep. Paul slept soundly until at about four in the morning when he was awoken by the feeling of a warm, slender, lubed finger being rubbed against his anus.

To be continued