First Anal, Part 2

By | December 10, 2010

The finger slowly circled Paul’s anus until he was fully awake. His muscular sphincter twitched involuntarily but he tried to relax, realising to his complete surprise that he wanted the finger to slip inside and probe his asshole. Anne noticed he was awake.

“I couldn’t resist.” She said. “How does it feel?”

“Nice.” His fingers had already begun to toy with his waking erection. “You can be a bit more adventurous if you like.

Anne needed no more encouragement. Her finger pressed a little harder and popped inside his first ring of muscles. He tensed, the first invasion of his ass was an unfamiliar feeling and one which his body instinctively acted to resist.

“Relax” she crooned, gently rotating her digit. A minute later she felt him relax again and pressed deeper until her finger was half inside him.

“Hmmmm”, he moaned approvingly.

They stayed like that for maybe five minutes, Anne moving her finger inside him, Paul gently masturbating.

“Roll onto your back.” Suggested Anne, disengaging her finger.

She looked approvingly at his naked body in the half light. His cock, now fully erect pointed towards his chest, balls tight and pulled up under his thick, stiff shaft. Anne slipped her middle finger between his cheeks again, pressing against his asshole. She slid inside, the tightness still there reminding her to take things slowly.

Each time she pressed deeper inside him she felt his muscles tense around her before relaxing again allowing her to continue her exploration. She leant across his stomach and licked the exposed tip of his cock making him shudder. She felt his ass grip her finger each time she flicked his frenulum with her tongue.

She took the end into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it, his ass responded as his whole groin tensed. His hand pressed her head down onto his cock; There was no need for coercion she was eager to swallow as much of his pulsating penis as she could but the hand pressing down gently added to her excitement somehow.

She curled her finger forward, seeking out his P-spot, knowing it was in there somewhere … but how would she know if she had found it … Paul let out a shriek, his back arching. She felt his cock tense as if he was cumming in her mouth and tasted the delicious silky drops of precum ooze from his swollen glans.

Her free hand grasped his shaft, wanking it firmly and slowly for  a while before massaging his p-spot as hard as she could. He squirmed and twisted under her, the intensity of the anal massage greater than any sexual stimulation he had felt before. Anne held him down, struggling to keep his erect cock in her mouth. His balls were tight up against the base of his shaft and moments after she began the cruel assault on his P-spot they disgorged their contents.

She felt her mouth filled with his hot seed, jet after jet of cum viscous and tasting of his masculinity filled her mouth. She sucked hard, knowing how tender he became after orgasm wanting him to feel the intensity of her desire to drain him dry. The finger in his ass rubbed his P-spot until he could cum no more and she felt the fountain of semen subside.

He slumped back onto the mattress where she licked the last oozing drops or white fluid from his prick.