The Alien Porn Problem

By | December 10, 2010

AlienThe Internet provides for all tastes when it comes to pornography. But not all genres are created equally and not all kinks can get the same production values because the laws of supply and demand dictate that if a kink is a little “specialised” the content to cater for it will be a bit low rent.

That’s how it is with Sci-Fi and alien porn. Not that I tend to look for that sort of thing but in my virtual travels I occasionally happen across an image or whole photo set of Sci-Fi sex. What always strikes me is the massive problem producers have with things like costumes and prosthetic makeup in these situations. Anyone looking at their content can immediately see that the costumes are put together out of standard kinky gear and what appears to be stuff from joke shops and a garage sale.

We all have to cut our cloth to fit so to speak but you must have to be really into sex with aliens to overlook the unconvincing body paint and find these sites exciting. Not that I’m saying anyone shouldn’t. It’s just not for me.

I’ll get unnecessarily excited by an alien babe in a movie like anyone else. There have been a few cracking examples over the years. They are believable as sexy alien women because they have a Hollywood budget to hold the effects and costumes together. Hardcore porn doesn’t have that and while I have a good imagination, it’s not good enough to compensate for a budget stretched thin and under dressed actors and locations.