Pussy Frenzy

By | December 11, 2010

It’s that time of year when we put up the tree ready for the arrival of nephew. Don’t get me wrong we love Christmas but we always let nephew top out the tree when he comes to stay in the weeks before Christmas, we’ll be putting the star on the top of the tree with a little help from me. He’s only a metre tall and the tree is two metres so Uncle Alex will be giving him a lift so he can reach.

Of course one of the problems with putting up a Christmas tree with our cat around is that in the presence of lots of jangly sparkly things our cat goes wild. The lights freak him out when they are laid on the carpet being tested, the baubles are to easy to roll off the table and across the floor, the ropes of gold beads just have to be pounced on. But the ones that he likes the most and the ones that send him into Crazy Pussy mode are the gold bells that make such a great noise as he rolls them across the floor.

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without kids – of the human or Feline kind.