So Hard It Hurts, Sex With a Monster Erection

By | December 11, 2010

I wrote an article a couple of years ago about the different types of orgasms and erections  I get. I even had it published in a magazine. The reason I mention it is to emphasise that despite what women might think there is a huge variation in the sensation that I and I assume other men feel when they have sex and reach a climax.

Occasionally I am for some reason been blessed with an immensely hard cock, so hard that I have been able to have sex for ages, leaving Suze a shivering, quivering wreck at the end of it. Having a long hard cock is of course great because of the possibilities it opens up when it comes to lovemaking. But on the downside being immensely hard  can for some reason make it difficult for me to cum.

We’re not talking about hard here, we are talking about something that could be used to knock nails in.

So it’s hardly surprising that Suze enjoys the benefits of my current extra hard, extra large, everlasting hard-ons. In fact she once commented that she felt like she had been gang banged.

Though she never actually explained how she knew what that felt like …