Xmas Porn

By | December 13, 2010

Christmas porn always strikes me as a bit odd. Not that I don’t like lots of nice ladies in skimpy, very impractical fur trimmed outfits. It’s just that like all porn of a speciality it has its time and/or place. With Christmas porn it’s the time element. Coming across XXXmas porn pics in July always looks somewhat incongruous.

I suppose when you think about it though it’s no more peculiar than finding any particular genre of erotica or porn on the Internet that you’re not in to. It’s great for the connoisseurs of a particular type of porn to visit a site but if it’s really, really specialist most other people, no matter how open minded will often react with WTF!

I don’t mean the sort of porn that is sick, just the really unusual stuff. So, any suggestions for the most unusual porn you’ve come across.