Pussy Power

By | April 21, 2008

Our cat is very protective of his territory. Unfortunately there is only one of him and we have houses either side of us that have two cats each. The cats on one side gang up on him, but despite this he always takes them on when he feels they’ve over-stepped the mark. Each of the antagonistic cats is twice his size and he often comes back home with scratches, fur under his claws and (as he did last week) his collar missing because we think he lost it in a fight.

It occurred to me how similar our little moggy is to a protective woman. If she thinks another female is trying to muscle in on her patch she’ll do anything to ensure that she stops the interloper getting her man. I saw it at a party once, a relative’s wedding in a room above a pub. The drink had been flowing and one woman, attributed with a “colourful” reputation had been chatting, or as his partner would have it flirting, with an attached man.

It took four people to separate them after the confrontation and ensuing cat fight.

The power of love! Or hormones and instinct, you decide.

C’mon ladies, what would you do if a woman made a move on your man?

Or a move on your sex toy for that matter. hehehe