Virgin Cum Shot

By | December 14, 2010

I don’t actually remember when I first came. It was in a wet dream, I know that and when it happened I did what boys usually do and cleared it up. I still wore PJs at night then so I’m sure my mother noticed the crustiness of the fabric despite my discrete washing and dabbing of the PJs and bed sheets to get rid of the copious issue of semen I had produced.

I continued to have wet dreams for ages until I actually tried to have a wank. Looking back that’s odd because I can’t remember why I didn’t actually try my hand at a wank until much later. When I did it was a revelation. Cumming in a wet dream is different to wank. Especially when you haven’t had sex a wet dream is all about the sensation of rubbing up against the sheets and cumming. Masturbation on the other hand adds a real physical element not the vague and sleep softened sensations you feel in a wet dream.

The first time I wanked off was utterly amazing. It was very intense and introduced me to a whole new world of gratification and fun. It also made me realise that there is a finite number of times that a man can cum in a day. And believe me I pushed that particular envelope to the limit, wanking at every opportunity for a week.

Before I had a wet dream and before I discovered masturbation I had looked at porn. My father had a porn stash in the loft which he has no idea I discovered. I looked through it as a pre-pubescent kid. I was so young that I got very excited and felt what I now recognise as sexual arousal but wasn’t able to do anything about it because I didn’t understand the feelings and sensations.

Looking back it’s amazing how much my attitude towards cumming, masturbation and sexual fantasies has developed since my first orgasm. OK, so perhaps not amazing, but it’s been a login journey and one that all boys experience. Where they end up at the end of the journey is of course another matter …