Christmas Novelties

By | December 22, 2006

I received this card in the post today from a relative.  Nothing strange about that, you may say.  But take a closer look at the card and try to visualise it the other way up, just like I did when I opened it.  Lol. Knowing who this was from I don’t suspect they put it inside the envelope upside down just to make me laugh but It did make it even funnier.

When Alex got back I showed him the card and without saying a word to him he pointed out the alternative greeting on the front.  So, it’s not just me then!

Readers who have been with us from the outset of this blog will have seen what happened to my new Smart Balls.  You will recall that I didn’t think they were very smart, in fact I found them useless.  But I did find an alternative use for them.  I hung them on the tree throughout Christmas and waited to see if our parents spotted them when they came round.






Well in time honoured tradition (I have just made it one 😀 )  Here is another use for one of our other toys.  This one is probably gender specific for obvious reasons but I suppose I could use the Butterfly for the ladies settings.






When it comes to stuffing that old bird you need that extra bit of length.  😀  So how about using this to help ram that stuffing home.  After you finish up it can then be used to relieve the tension of the morning food preparation.  😉



Take a look in your Toy Boxes and see what you can cum up with.  Oooh Errr!


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