Holiday Fuck And A Lazy Day

By | April 24, 2008

It was great to wake up this morning and not have to jump out of bed to the sound of the alarm. In fact there was no alarm this morning, it was fantastic.

I stirred before Alex as the sunlight illuminated the curtains. The birds were singing and the cat was sitting next to the bed vocalising his good mornings to me. No he wanted some water. Lol Our cat has to drink from the bath tap, don’t ask me why but he just does. So when he wants food or water he sits by the bed and tells me so.

At this point Alex began to awaken and put his arm over me as I lay on my back. Then he gently but firmly squeezed my left breast a couple of times. Was he feeling horny?

The cat had wandered off and I closed my eyes and began to drift off in to sleep once again. Then the hand started to roll my nipple and my breast started to tingle. It felt good and soon I was in the mood for some holiday fun.

I reached my hand over towards Alex’s groin and it met with something warm and firm as I brushed across what must have been his erection. Then without warning Alex raised himself up and eased his way between my legs.

Yes, I had read the signs correctly. He was feeling horny too. What a wonderful feeling it is to be able to indulge in early morning sex without rushing to avoid being late for work. I felt a smug smile play on my lips as I thought about my colleagues having to go to turn in to the office.

Alex was eager and pushed his hard cock between my lips. He managed to trap the left one and pull it in. I reached between my legs and freed it up. One of my favourite things is to reach down and feel Alex’s cock as it works in and out of me, to feel his erection warm, wet and hard as he fuck me. Then giving his balls a gentle squeeze, which drives Alex crazy. 😉

I wrapped my calves around Alex’s back and held on to his shoulders, meeting his thrusts with my hips. Penetration was deep, aided by me being partially raised from the mattress. But I needed more movement. I reached back behind me and took a firm grip of the headboard with both hands. Alex continued to fuck me hard and picked up momentum as I called out to him to fuck me harder.

Grabbing the headboard tightly, I was able to fuck him back. I thrust in to him, taking every millimetre of his cock deep inside my hot pussy. My tits were now bouncing up and down against my chest and hypnotising Alex. He leant over me and took my hard nipple in to his mouth and gave it a gentle bite.

“Ouch!”, I called out gripping him harder with my legs. His breath was now rapid and his face was set deep in concentration. “I’m coming”, I exclaimed as I arched my back in to my first orgasm.

Alex fucked faster and I could feel the increased moisture wet against my pussy as he pounded in to me, my come lubricating his every move. His cock was so hard and deep inside me that he grazed my cervix and I let loose my grip to enable him to continue without damaging something. Lol

Then another orgasm worked its way up from my feet and in to my lower back, I felt warm and electrified as I came for a second time. His cock was now slick with my come and pounding in to me with remorseless need.

Alex arched his back as I looked up at him, took on a pained look about his face and his eyes rolled back in to his head…

…then he released a loud howl and ground in to me slow and deliberately as he shot his load inside me. On the last deep thrust he shivered, then pumped a couple of shallow thrusts as he drained himself of his last drops of come.

Nothing can compare to watching a guy ejaculate…

…well, perhaps a woman orgasming on my hand but I haven’t done that for a while.