Cummy, Sticky Rhyming Wang

By | December 14, 2010

Dressing Fro SexWe love to get the latest Harmony films, well when they are from Tanya Hyde. They are always different, often very hot and very well produced. A pleasant change from some of the crap we are sent.

One thing about them that we don’t mention much is the cover notes. No we’re normally straight n there and heading off to the DVD player with the DVD.

You see Tanya Hyde DVD cover notes rhyme.  The latest for example goes as follows:

“As regular as English rain, Tanya serves up kink again
Nylon, rubber, thigh-high boots, fetish sex down to its roots
Leather harlots strut their stuff, but never ever in the buff
Bullet bra, stiletto heel, spank their asses hear them squeal
Tight-laced corsets can be tough, in the dungeon sex gets rough
Bondage, flogging, sucking prick, Rubber buttocks filled with dick
Milking cock and stretching lips, firing spunk on massive tits
Strumpets take a bare back ride, dressed for sex by Tanya Hyde”

Not Tennyson but we love that they make the effort

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