Cheeky Cheeky!

By | April 22, 2008

Gabriela IrimiaNovelty pop acts pop up the world over, but in mainland Europe they seem to have a talent for the absurd. I’m talking about the Cheeky Girls here. They were hardly ever what you’d call serious music, not that being fun is in itself a bad thing, but they do seem to define what it is to be novelty pop stars.

I was amazed to hear that one half of the duo, Gabriela Irimia, was dating one of our more flamboyant Liberal democrat MPs, Lembit Öpik, and now it would appear they are engaged to be married. Lembit apparently proposed next to the Trevi Fountain in Rome and the love-struck, diminutive, Transylvanian songbird accepted.

Quite what this will mean for Lembit’s career is uncertain, will he continue to be an MP? It would certainly make party conferences more interesting. Or will he move into entertainment, perhaps do backing vocals for the Cheeky Girl’s next album?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist, it sounds like a strange pairing to me, but they have been together for a couple of years (I think) now so let’s hope they prove me wrong and live happily, and cheekily, ever after.

You can find the Cheeky Girls on MySpace here and send Gabriela your congratulations

Lembit doesn’t appear to have a MySpace acount …

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