Lollipop Sucking Girls

By | December 15, 2010

I was reminded whilst searching for an image for one of my posts of the classic girl sucking a lollipop.  Whilst some of these images can look quite alluring, others look posed and cliché.  Very few actually look sexy as they can be overly done and enter the realms of chav.

And then I ask myself why is this image so popular?  Is it because it emulates the girl fellating her eager partner, the promise of what she may do to you if she were with you.  Or does it represent innocence, a young school girl?  Or is the image too open to interpretation to make the judgement?

I doubt the latter, opting for the other two explanations as possible answers.  As I look at the various interpretations I must admit I feel more comfortable with the idea of the air towards sucking cock than that of the school girl which to be quite honest reminds me too much of an elder taking advantage of a young girl.

Is this just my take on this or is it representative of a female’s perspective on this imagery?  What do you think?

Bloody hell, I can’t even find an image to use for this post without subscribing to an image library.  That’s how popular lollipop sucking is…