Rubbering Up And Taking The Plunge

By | April 23, 2008

Back in the 1950’s David Attenborough reported on the “Land Divers” of Vanuatu, who tied vines around their ankles and jumped from wooden constructed platforms. The first modern bungee jump was from the 250 ft Clifton Supension Bridge back in 1979.

The jump was carried out by the “Dangerous Sports Club”, which consisted of four members led by David Kirke. Shortly afterwards they were arrested but went on to jump in the USA from the Golden Gate and the Royal Gorge Bridges.

The first commercial outfit set up by A J Hackett a New Zealander gave the general public the chance to experience the “Leap Of Faith”. His first jump was from Aucklands Greenhithe Bridge in 1986.

Cords used by many commercial jumps are usually factory-produced braided shock cord. This is plain English is made of many latex strands enclosed within a tough outer cover. This cover is applied when the latex is pre-stressed and gives a harder and sharper bounce.

A J Hackett himself and most southern-hemisphere operators use unbraided cords, so that the latex strands are exposed to view. Apparently they give a softer and longer bounce and can be made at home.

Speaking of which, check out this guy, he’s Carl Dionisio he used a 30m condom rope to do his jump.

No rips or tears, perfect protection. 🙂