Hot Stockings At The Christmas Party

By | December 15, 2010

BW White StockingsThe pressure of her lips on his made his heart pound so hard that he though it would burst from his chest. It wasn’t that she pressed her lipstick painted flesh hard against his, she didn’t , she was subtle, measured. It was the fullness of then, the soft, yielding and turgid feel of her flesh on his.

He had expected a peck on the cheek, the customary polite but semi-affectionate thank you for a ride home. The exchange of quasi affection between work colleagues that was just about OK at Christmas but at any other time would have been inappropriate.

She sat back in her seat and reached for the handle of the door, her eyes locked onto his. And his onto hers.


He had volunteered to drive them there but despite his best efforts the two girls had seemed unimpressed by his chauffeuring skills and small talk. He had been slowly falling in lust with one of them for a whole year before the party and Christmas seemed the perfect time to make his play. Goodwill to all men, alcohol and a general lack of inhibitions would surely be the perfect recipe.

It wasn’t.

They arrived late but he managed to sit across from them both, able to apply his charm to them in equal measure. He was even seated next to another member of staff who he had spoken to on the phone several times but had never met before. He greeted her politely but turned his attentions to his prey and attempted to trap her.

Two hours and three courses later it hadn’t worked and he sat back in his chair. The chirpy and cheeky office clerk who had managed to sit next to her had obviously engaged her attention and they leaned in close together, exchanging quiet works and laughing in synchronisation.

“You OK?” a voice from his left asked.

He turned to face the colleague who had only been a voice on the phone until this evening.

“He’s only trying to get into her pants.” He said quietly to her, immediately regretting his candour and realising that had been his intention too.

“Oh!” She said.

“He’s usually got a couple of girls on the go at the same time, she’ll just be another one.” He said. “Oh, it’s Dawn isn’t it? We’ve spoken a few times on the phone haven’t we?”

“We have Mark.” She smiled.

“You must think I’m really ignorant for not speaking to you sooner.”

“No, not really, you were concerned for her welfare.” He could tell from her tone that her words had a double meaning. Yes he did care about her as a friend, but he also wanted to do more than just be a friend to her … well not anymore, it was obvious that she was a lost cause.

“It’s nice that you care.” She continued, and they began to talk.

The evening drew on and they began to talk more to each other than those around them. There was the moment with flaming Sambucas where all the girls got a little giddy and tried to unbutton his shirt in a playful, half serious way. He didn’t join in with the alcohol as he would be taking his two charges home, and that aside they became wrapped in each other’s words.

In the car on the way home she sat in the front seat, the other two girls in the back. “Sorry” he said as his hand glanced against her knee as he changed gear not once, but twice. “It’s OK.” She assured him.

Despite her home being the obvious choice to call at first she suggested that his route take him to the houses of the other girls first. Which was how he came to talk to her for a few minutes which turned into nearly two hours with the engine off and the car growing cold outside her door.


He waited for a moment. Unsure what to do next. The evening was coming to an end but it seemed like a beginning.

It was the kiss. It lingered in his head and still drove his heart to beat so fast that he was sure she could hear it. The universe pivoted around the moment and a single decision dictated their fate.

His hand touched her knee, deliberately this time, not in the way that it had done on the way back from the restaurant. This was no accident, his hand resting gently but firmly on the silk which covered her exposed knee just below the hem of her skirt.

He could hear her breath, see her chest rising and falling in the quiet of the early hours.

“Can I come inside?” he asked.

“Mark, you can’t”.

It was a hammer blow. She saw the disappointment in his face “I didn’t mean it like that, we’d wake my parents.” She laughed. “It wouldn’t be very practical. Drive, I know a place …”

They drove out into the countryside, a carpark surrounded by trees. The car came to a halt with gravel crunching under the wheels. He turned off the headlights and unfastened his seat belt.

His hand reached out for her and came to rest on her waist. Her fingers stroked his cheek and they began to kiss. This time there was passion in them, not the guarded encounter their lips had previously. He pulled her closer to him, the distance between the seats frustrating them both yet made the longing to have their bodies against each other greater.

“In the back?” He asked when they both parted.

“OK.” She slipped off her heels and crawled between the seats, her stocking tops becoming visible as her skirt rode up her thighs. He waited until she had completed her manoeuvre then followed her.

Together at last they began to explore, his hand tentative at first pulled her blouse out of her skirt and slid inside. He held her breast in the cup of her bra, and squeezed it gently while they kissed. Her hands slipped into his hair and stroked his neck. She wrapped her legs around one of his and they both pressed their groins against each other’s thighs. Her hands pressed him to her, lips hard against each other.

She wriggled free of his hands, her groin clamped against his upper leg, to allow her to unclasp her bra.  He lifted her blouse and pushed up the cups to reveal her petite boobs topped with hard pink nipples. He had to suck them and craned his neck to take first one then the other in his mouth. She rubbed her groin on his leg, the smell from her sex beginning to permeate the car. He encouraged her lustful wantonness by licking at the firm textured flesh of her nipples and areolas.

The sweeps of his tongue widened taking in the firm but softer textured flesh of her breast, interspersing the licks with firm kisses and the occasional grazing of teeth. Her fingers pulled at his shirt, pulling it over his head, once it was removed they held each other kissing again with naked chests pressed together.

His hands became more assured slipping down her side, finding the zip on her skirt and sliding it down. She wriggled in an attempt to slip out of the garment but was trapped by his body so they pulled apart. Mark slipped onto the floor with a thud. “You OK?” she asked. “Fine. Now get that skirt off.”

She opened her mouth in mock shock and complied immediately. She was wearing black stockings and matching suspenders with a pair of black satin knickers clinging to her wet pussy. Mark reached up and pulled at her knickers. He peeled them down her legs, past the shear stockings, over her shoe-less feet. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, the hairs glistening with fragrant liquid and swollen with excitement. He pulled one of Dawn’s legs over his head and pressed his mouth against her slit.

Dawn moaned, grabbing his head again and this time pressing his face into another set of lips. He slid his tongue into her opening to submerge himself in the hot, wet ocean of her lust. When he had penetrated her as deeply as his tongue would allow he began to lap, moving up slightly to seek out her clitoris.

Dawn screamed when he found it. The delicate bundle of nerves was primed and ready for his attentions, his tongues contact with it like triggering the detonator on an explosive charge. A few laps and she came making her pussy wetter still. Marks head was clamped between her thighs as her body convulsed and was left in no doubt she had climaxed.

Awkwardly Mark disentangled himself from her legs and pulled open his trousers. His cock sprang out hard and ready. Dawn drew back her knees as far as the cramped conditions would allow as Mark manoeuvred between her legs. The angle was awkward but with a few adjustments and a guiding hand from Dawn he found the opening to her pussy.

He pushed forward sliding deep into her until he felt a resistance that was more than the tightness of her swollen cunt. He was not yet fully inside her and looked into her eyes before pushing deeper. She grabbed him pulling him to her and impaling herself completely on his cock. They kissed while he began his grinding thrusts wanting to feel the connection above and below.

The geometry of back seat sex thwarted them, forcing the couple to end their kiss and concentrate on the union of their sexes. He grunted with effort, she encouraged with one word “yes. Yes. YES!” until within seconds he came. She was jammed into the angle between the seat and door. Uncomfortable, almost painful but she didn’t care feeling only pulsing along his cock as his hot spunk filled her.