Bisexual Babes Bunk Up

By | December 16, 2010

Two Girls“What do you mean no rooms?” Exclaimed Helen. “I only need it for tonight, surely you have something!”

“I’m sorry madam. But we are fully booked. Everyone is in the same position this evening.” Replied the irritatingly polite receptionist. “Hopefully flights will resume tomorrow. Assuming the snow clears.”

She turned away and dragged her overnight bag towards the bar. She had only taken a few steps when she heard a voice “Excuse me.” It said. Helen stopped and turned to face the voice’s owner.

“Do you need a room?” Asked a demure red head. “Only they gave me a double and it seems silly to waste half the bed.”

“That’s very nice of you but …”

“Oh, come on. What’s the alternative? Sleeping on one of those benches in the departure lounge.”

Helen’s shoulders dropped. “If you’re sure?”

“Quite sure.”


They both showered, Helen first and then her philanthropic host, Vicky. Vicky had not checked her luggage in and lent Helen a pair of pyjamas to protect her modesty.

By eleven they were in bed, watching TV and chatting like old friends. Mainly because they were quite alike and helped by the wine Helen had ordered from room service on her company account.

By midnight they were both beginning to nod and decided to turn off the TV.


It was an hour later when Helen felt an arm slide around her. She was being spooned, Vicky’s body was spooning with her face nuzzling into Helen’s hair. Helen was at first surprised but soon realised Vicky was asleep, probably dreaming about her boyfriend.

Helen smiled and told herself not to get too excited, Vicky was hetero, their earlier conversations had told her that. She had a boyfriend, Brian or Bruce, something like that. Nevertheless she drifted back to sleep with a fluttering in her stomach and more than a little moistness between her thighs.


Vicky woke with a start waking Helen too. “I’m sorry” said Vicky, obviously embarrassed.

“It’s OK. I don’t mind.” Said Helen rolling to face Vicky. “I rather enjoyed it.” She reached out and stroked Helen’s cheek. “Haven’t you ever snuggle dup with one of your girlfriends?”

“No! Never! Well, a couple of times but that was when I was at college and we werecold.”

Helen recognised the look in Vicky’s eyes. “You enjoyed it didn’t you. You enjoyed it but she thought it was just being practical … am I right?”

Vicky opened her mouth to protest but shut it again.

“I thought so.” Helen’s hand moved down and stroked Vicky’s neck.

“I didn’t offer to share the room to, well, you know.” Protested Vicky.

“I know you didn’t.” Said Helen softly. “But now we’re here …”

Their first kiss was soft yet with an underlying forcefulness from Vicky which surprised Helen. She had slept with several straight girls but never one with the obvious hunger which Vicky displayed. The girl had bottled this up for a long time.

Vicky held Helen very tightly pressing her hard nipples into Helen’s breasts. Their kisses were passionate and feverish driven by the desire unleashed in the ostensible straight Vicky, not by Helen.  Helen was incredibly turned on by the advances from this girl, normally her inexperienced bisexual partners had needed a little coaxing but whether it was the alcohol which had removed her inhibitions or a long suppressed and deep attraction to other women Vicky was completely the opposite. For Helen it was as if she were the one inexperienced in making love to a woman and she let herself be guided by Vicky.

The caresses through pyjamas were soon insufficient to satisfy either women so buttons were unfastened and waistbands slipped over hips with a haste that reflected their excitement. Naked flesh pressed against naked flesh and with legs entangled they rubbed slowly and rhythmically up and down to a slow and steady beat. Vicky pushed her thigh between Helen’s legs and at the same time rubbed herself against the front of Helen’s left thigh.

The slick delicious fluid from their bodies spread out across their legs. They could both smell it and wanted to taste it too so they soon disentangled their legs to re-orientate their bodies. Vicky climbed on top to straddle Helen’s face. She presented her snatch open and shamelessly by spreading her knees wide and lowering her groin onto Helen’s face. She felt her clit being sucked hard by Helen and groaned with pleasure. Her enjoyment increased when Helen’s experienced tongue traversed the contours of her inner labia with the assuredness of a seasoned practitioner of cunnilingus.

Squirming with delight Vicky temporarily forgot her eagerness to taste Helen. She felt Helen’s tongue push inside her and wished that her lover’s tongue were just a little longer. She sat up straight and was surprised when Helen’s tongue moved to her anus and tickled the puckered ring of muscle. Her ass spasmed with the new and unexpected sensation.

Vicky leaned forward, her wet asshole feeling cool when exposed to the air. She dipped her head between Helen’s silky thighs and hoped her technique would please. Never having been in this position before she decided to do all the things that she enjoyed to Helen and some of the things that she had never managed to train her boyfriend to do too.

It worked. Helen stopped licking Vicky, distracted by the pleasures Vicky was administering to her. Vicky’s tongue never stopped moving across her sex. Except that is when she was sucking or nibbling at Helen’s pussy lips, or better still drawing her clitoris into her mouth with intense suction before flicking the little button with her tongue.

Vicky started to cum. The combination of teenage memories and years of sleeping fantasies were culminating in this moment and when combined with the scent and taste of this compliant woman and a hot snatch to explore there was an inevitable conclusion. Helen tasted the orgasm, felt the change in Vicky’s muscle tone and finally heard Vicky’s shriek as she reach the pinnacle of her climax.

Vicky turned around and with her body still shaking lay next to Helen. “That was amazing. But you didn’t cum.”

“Not yet. I need you inside me.” She took Vicky’s hand and guided it between her own legs. Vicky slid her middle and index finger into Helen. The heat was intense and she felt herself far deeper Helen than her own solitary masturbatory explorations had allowed. Vicky felt an unfamiliar structure, one that she had never been able to touch inside herself.

“Just there, yes, rub it …” breathed Helen.

Vicky massaged Helen’s G Spot realising that this was the key to Helen’s ultimate pleasure. Here hips bucked signalling Vicky’s technique was working and through this feedback she was quickly able to refine the movement of her fingers to play Helen’s body like a fine musical instrument.

At first the wetness she felt increased gradually but only a couple of minutes after Vicky had first penetrated Helen she felt her fingers become soaked with a river of sexual fluids, then become clamped hard and immobile inside Helen.

When Helen’s orgasm receded leaving her limp, eyes closed and smiling Vicky withdrew her fingers. The inside of Helens thighs were running with ejaculate and the sheets covered in musky juices.


In the morning they woke with the room filled with the smell of their sex and hoping their flights would be delayed for another 24 hours …