Getting Down To Earth With Sex

By | April 22, 2008

Solar Senation VibeToday is Earth Day and you just can’t miss it if you have been on Google. Lol We all need to consider the planet and what effect we are having upon it. Everyone needs to strive to preserve the beauty this world holds for our children and our children’s children.

I decided to crawl the Internet to try and find some sex aids which fall in to the “Green” category and I was pleasantly surprised just what is out there.

One area that could be overlooked is the glass toy, what could be greener than a reusable and recyclable glass dildo or butt plug. There are also some stunning designs and colours, making some of the works of art. In addition they are easy to heat or cool for added sensation and can be cleaned with ease.

Why not wood! Sustainable wood can be used to produce toys of high quality. I found this naughty little paddle whilst hunting around it’s made from sustainable timber by a fair trade project in India. And there are no splinters.

I also found a solar powered bullet vibe, the one at the top of the page. The Libida Solar Sensation takes around 8 hours to fully charge and then provides up to 2 hours of sexual enjoyment. 😉 And if you don’t get much sun, just like over here in the UK, then it will also charge with artificial light and so long as you charge it when the lights would have been on anyway it’s just as green.

What do you do with all the old tyres which currently are very difficult to recycle? You make them in to a lovely paddle. I kid you not…check out this site these paddles are a must have for any spanko and I bet they leave an attractive red pattern.

And you can’t have a bit of naughty fun without the use of a good lube, that’s what I always say. Lol This one is not only green but it isn’t tested on animals either.

Now go and spread your love all over this planet. 😉

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