Sexpressing Yourself

By | December 17, 2010

OrchidIt is always gratifying when your contribution to the adult world helps someone to gain a greater understanding and acceptance that otherwise they may not have experienced.  After all why do I write about sex and sexuality for you all to read and enjoy, yes it’s an outlet for my high sex drive but I also like to break down some of those barriers and introduce you to new ways of looking at sex and sexuality.

I consider my part to be as a gentle persuader and informer rather than a sexual dictator telling you this how it is.  Just like good sex can’t be forced and needs to coerced with foreplay and a gentle touch.

The rewards are many but none more so than discovering that you have helped someone expand their repertoire of sexual pleasure through your writing.

One such example of this is a regular reader who I have been in dialogue with for a while now who wrote the email below and gave their permission for me to publish it in full.

“thanks to your sex blog i found myself accepting of the fact its ok for normal people to go into a shop
that sells that sort of thing and pay for a toy of an adult nature …
the fact that [where I live] is still somewhat close-minded as regards a proper liscensed sex shop means we have to make do with a small branch of ann summers, but this serves very well (apart from the fact the lighting is a bit bright in there its fine)

anyways, i found myself with a few choices and went for the expensive, but compact rocks off naughty boy… 1 bottle of booty lube, a box of buzz fresh wipes and a spare battery (duracell size N) plus another item from the 3 for 2 offer (along with the lube and wipes) later, i was sorted… and i have to say now i have the hang of the motion required to get a really good result… OH MY GOD!! i am amazed it took me so long to buy 1!!”

It makes me so happy to realise that I am now making a “real” difference to the way that people view adult toys.  No longer is anal play seen as a gay pastime but as an addition to normal sexual activity and pleasure.

We only live this life once so enjoy it.