A Christmas tale

By | December 23, 2006

Eight reindeer stood patiently waiting, the hot breath escaping from their nostrils condensing in the sub-zero air. Three figures waited for the beginning of the yearly ritual. Powdery snow swirled around them in a quickening breeze. Two were tall and dressed in green, the other smaller, wearing an ankle length fur coat that almost covered a pair of bright red leather boots.

The round jolly man stepped from the door of the log cabin in his black boots and red outfit trimmed with fur.  He strode towards the sleigh to which they were tethered.

He shook the hands of the two senior elves, “Well done. Jolly well done!” he exclaimed jovially. Then he moved on to his young wife and leaning over to kiss her whispered “Mary, I’m so glad that I can leave this place in safe hands while I’m doing the rounds.”

With that he was off, leaping onto his gift-packed chariot with an athletic bound that defied physics considering his portly physique. “Come Donner, come Blitzen …” were the only words the three members of the farewell committee heard before the sonic boon that heralded his departure from the North Pole.

Mrs Claus turned to the two elves “You two must be ready for a break, 364 days a year inventing and making new toys, and one night off. Get inside and I’ll see if I can’t find a present for you two tonight.”

She bid the elves sit on the benches beside the wooden table and poured a flagon of beer from the hog’s head in the corner of the kitchen. The snow had begun to melt on their neat green jackets. They all three drank a toast to the special night.

The fire roared in the hearth. “My, it’s hot in here.” Commented Mrs Claus, peeling off her long fur coat and letting it fall to the floor around her feet. The elves looked on approvingly. Mrs Claus always took special care to dress for this particular night. The one night when she didn’t have her red-faced husband around, the night she could relax.

The elves watched her intently, unable to prevent expressions of pure, carnal lust appearing on their faces. Mrs Claus had great legs enclosed in black fishnets, an ass that screamed to be squeezed. She wore skimpy knickers a basque and suspenders, silk and sinfully red. Just like her hair, fiery, hotter than the flames behind her.

Looking over the heads of the elves as if addressing the world in general she said, with mock innocence “I wonder how a girl can amuse herself for twenty-four hours while her husband’s away?

One elf stood and stepped towards Mrs Claus. She pushed him back onto the table and deftly unbuckled his breaches.  His stiff elfhood popped out, she noticed with interest that if bent very slightly to the left at the tip. She bent forward and grabbed her new toy and began to play with it, sliding the skin of his impressive cock. Her tongue circled him, wetting his shining stiff glans until she tasted his delicious slippery pre-cum oozing out.  Her tongue seemed intent on burrowing down the centre of his cock to extract each drop of the nectar like liquid as soon as it could.

Her hand grasped his balls in a grip as firm as a vice but as soft as silk, pulling gently, nails playing across his scrotum.

The second elf stood up, unfastening his breaches and moved alongside for a better view of what she was doing to his colleagues candy cane. He held his own Christmas treat in his hand, slowly fucking his fist. His balls were tight in his groin.

Mrs Claus slid “lefty’s” cock deep into her mouth, pressing it against the back of her throat. Lefty groaned a contented groan as her tongue writhed against his frenulum.

Mrs Claus glanced across at the second elf and christened him plum after the colour of the head of his cock, shiny and purple-red. She could feel her panties becoming first humid, then most and finally wet as she devoured lefty’s cock. The taste of precum in her mouth becoming mingled with the first morsels of semen escaping from elfish balls.

She felt plum’s hands grasp her buttocks and part them slightly, the silk of her panties falling into the cleft and between her swelling lips. Fingers probed for her opening, sliding between welcoming labia and into a molten mass of Christmas joy.

She slurped on Lefty’s cock while Plum slid first one, then two and finally three fingers into her, stretching her. Finally, when she was about to interrupt her feasting on Lefty’s throbbing organ Plum slid his now dribbling rod into her, the thin and soaking wet gusset of her panties presenting no resistance as he slid past it. He was big and filled with the lust of 364 nights alone in his bunk with only “Shaven Elf-Maidens” and “Woodland Sluts” for company.

Mrs Claus’ eyes widened as he drove his full length into her. Her mind seemed to glow with sensation. Thought and reason were gone, only the raw instinct and desire remained.

Plums shaft embedded itself into her, rubbing and massaging her g-spot until she came. The feeling of his balls slamming against her swollen lips and clitoris ensured that moments after first orgasm, another washed over her.

She wanted to taste lefty, feel him release his seed into her mouth. She pushed herself deeper and faster onto his quivering cock, gagging as it collided with the back of her throat. She was rewarded with the deep muscular contractions that started deep within him, the tightening of his balls and the warm, sticky, salty stream of cum that washed over her tongue.

Seeing Lefty’s paroxysm, Plum felt himself grow closer to his own climax. He wet his thumb by pausing for a moment and dipping it into her silky-wet pussy, then pressed it gently against her ass. He resumed his thrusts, now accompanying them with a gentle circular motion on her pink puckered hole, teasing the opening, pressing more and more firmly with his slippery thumb. Finally it slipped inside, just to the first knuckle, where he continued to massage with slow circular movements.

Mrs Claus tried to lick Lefty clean, to claim every drop of his issue.  She was hampered by the now frenzied pounding from Plum. He came, with a shuddering yell, the bell on his hat jingling.

Her pussy clenched his cock as if to possess it forever.

Plum laid Mrs Claus’ coat on the table and her on top of it. Her legs, bent at the knees hung over the edge, red leather high-healed boots made a richer red by the light from the pinewood fire. Her breathing had calmed but her eyes were still closed.

Lefty scooped one full breast out of her basque and teased the nipple with his tongue. He was rewarded with a quiet moan. Plum began to lick her pouting labia. He circled her clitoris, then, as she began to squirm grabbed her thighs, holding her down. His strokes became more firm, lapping upward, rasping her folds and sensitive nerve bundle.

She became more vocal, a smile breaking across her face. One hand grabbed Lefty’s head and pressed it onto her nipple, the other cupped its twin and pinched the nipple, pulling and squeezing it until it throbbed.

Plum’s flaccid member was beginning to stir again. He took it in hand, rubbing and squeezing it, shuddering as he rubbed the end, lubricating it with a little saliva. The taste of her, suffused with that of his own cum was all that he needed to bring him to the brink.

Mrs Claus pushed herself up onto one elbow, Lefty still suckling at her bosom. “Lay on the bench” she was addressing Plum. Grudgingly he ceased his lapping of her fragrant furrow and laid back on the bench. She stood astride him, glistening lips just above his face. “Make me come” she demanded.

He slid two fingers inside her, curling them around her pubis and onto their mark. His fingers curled and uncurled, the effect immediate. She started to shudder, knees becoming weak. Lefty held her from behind his erection pressing into the small of her back.

The smell pouring down onto Plum’s face was soon joined by moisture of her fluids, splashing onto him and her stocking-clad legs.  The musky smell exciting him further, iron hard cock testifying to his exhilaration.

The flow from her pussy increased until his face was showered with droplets from her sloshing cunt and his arm streamed with her climax.

Mr Clause collapsed into Lefty’s arms. Lefty and Plum laid her back on the table where Lefty straddled her, cock waving across her chest. Her hands rose up to grasp their prize. One encircled his cock the other slipped under his balls, cupping them.

Jerking him off with no attempt at finesse her fingers pressed and squeezed his perineum. They worked further back until they found his asshole. She teased him, enjoying the look of impish glee that stimulating his ring solicited.

With a long “Aaaahhh!” he came across her chest. Jets of hot cum falling onto her milky flesh. Lefty rolled off her. She directed Plum to take the place she had occupied. Then she crawled over him and facing his cock, nestled onto his face, like a hen settling onto her clutch of eggs. His tongue began work on her, pushing deep inside her opening, lapping furiously.

Plum’s cock was ready to explode, two-handed she pumped his tool, his hips thrusting upward. He came more oozing than gushing. Cum slid over her hands, covering her fingers, dripping onto his balls.

So you see while Christmas comes but once a year, Mrs Claus manages to cum a little more than that. In fact at the North Pole she’s known as the Mary Christmas had by all 😉