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By | April 24, 2008

Brit BlogIf you have been reading our adult blog since it’s inception just over 3 years ago you will know that we have been trying to register with Britblog. They are a British bloggers listing and for some reason they wouldn’t accept us on to their directory.

We wondered if they thought we weren’t British or perhaps we were too British, we even have the Union Flag proudly displayed on our banner. But for some reason we had attempted to join twice and were turned down without even an email to say we had been rejected or why.

So we mounted a campaign to bring our quest to light and posted about it several times on AlexSuze. Still no response despite my email to them. We gave up.

That was until February this year and we tried one more time to get registered with them and we waited…

…then finally out of the blue they emailed us to say we had been accepted on 13/04/08. Needless to say we were elated that after all this time we had been accepted as a British blog.

The jubilation wasn’t to last for long.

I checked out their site on 23/04/08 to see that they had closed it down. It seems that they have been deluged with spam over the four years they have been going and the final straw was when they were hacked just recently. Yesterday they had a page explaining the problems, now they have reduced the site to one page explaining the issues they’ve faced.

We don’t believe it, we waited for almost 3 years to be accepted. Then we are added for just 10 days before they have to shut up shop.

However, now we are running things over at Adult Blog Hub we hope to see some of the adult bloggers who were registered with Britblog come and join us. The more the merrier, it’s just like a bloggers orgy over there.

Click this link to join Adult Blog Hub and join in the fun.

RIP Britblog we will always remember you.

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